Mother hen

Do you know the website  Émoi Émoi ? The coolest concept store for future and young mom?

No? So go for it! Even not pregnant we want to buy everything;)

Especially as you'll see me because there a few weeks ago, Adele and Nath (co-founders of Émoi-Émoi) asked me to answer a post pregnancy beauty interview  and  icing on the cake, they asked me to be the model for  their new collection of t-shirts and hats "COOL MOM" and "MOTHER HEN" ...So cool, right??

Especially since for once it is meeee who got hair and makeup done!

Am very proud;) Yes, yes ...

To order, please visit the website Émoi-Émoi today!

kiss kiss
publié le Wednesday 23 April 2014 Make My Baby, Our Good Adresses
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