My Baby’s beauty product – part 1

Since 3 months that my baby is born, I test products for kids.

For the arrival of my son, I wanted gentleness, softness and extra softness, so I wrapped him  in cashmere and looking for the same thing for his cosmetics.

Super safe formula for his delicate skin, but also super hype for my baby beauty addict. So out of the Mustela and Co.

Here are my favorites products for my Loulou:

Dr Brooner's Baby Mild Liquid Soap

 We already talked about Dr Brooner's shower gels here.

The Dr Brooner's mild liquid soap for baby's it is ideal for baby's delicate skin or sensitive skin. Since it is fragrance free, it is extra soft.

The combination of organic extra virgin oils of coconut, olive, jojoba and hemp, combined with pure essential oils, creates a unique soap to clean my baby's skin and hair effectively without beeing aggressive. All of these oils, basic or essential are certified organic and fair trade.

The whole family loves this product perfumed version for the grown up scented and fragrance free for the little one.

Available at Oh My Cream 3 rue de Tournon 75006 Paris and American Apparel.

Approximately € 12

Mousse douceur fleur d'oranger de Leonor Greyl

Another nice product for baby bath, this is my friend Sophie who gave it to me. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Leonor Greyl had a product for children, because I love this brand, I also speak to you very soon about their new beauty oil.

This form of soft and compact foam, super convenient to soap safe because it does not run and the best it does not sting the eyes. It leaves the baby's skin and hair soft, smooth and delicately scented.

Based on real orange blossom water, this product is hypoallergenic and its formula is gentle to the skin.

A must have for my Loulou.

Available at Oh My Cream 3 rue de Tournon 75006 and Bon Marché

Approximately € 19


 Mother and Baby Oil de Bloom & Blossom

A minimum of ingredients = A maximum results, this is the philosophy of Bloom and Blossom which I had already spoken here. These treatments are made from natural plant products with active substances at high levels for maximum efficiency.

Mother and Baby oil is a blend of 100% natural vegetable oils, based of flower chamomile oil and lavender oil to soothe. It retains moisture into the skin and leaves it soft and smooth.

Every night after the bath I massage my baby and I am telling you that he really appreciate this special time with hisr mother. I should take a photo to show you his little toes, that he spread like a fan of pleasure!

Available Nose at 20, rue Bachaumont 75002, Paris -

approximately € 20


Le baby travel kit d'Erbaviva

Is perfect for washing baby Loujani when he travels. The kit contains four essential:

? balm for lips and cheeks

? lotion

? shampoo and shower gel

? cream for diappies

Erbaviva is a hyper organic brand so hyper safe for the delicate skin of children. This kit is essential to keep the baby clean, fresh and hydrated.

Available at  mon corner bio


What about your favorite products for your kids?

I take this opportunity to announce the arrival of the new category  "MakeMyBaby" on MMB and I'll let you guess about what  we will discuss ...

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