My Baby's beauty products - part 2

My Baby’s beauty products – part 2

My baby guinea pig beauty necessary part two ... today focus on the face.

Always looking for fresh, safe and organic formula for my mini cowboy skin, I consulted my friend Caroline founder of the website "mon corner bio" for her advise. In fact, I'm not a pro with organic, I can even say that I rarely find my happiness, except that whenever Caro give me product to test, I am convinced ... I think about  Kesari and CHO Nature.

For pretty baby, she recommended me Câlinesse and Cattier. I hated the sour smell of Câlinesse  however I adopted lait de toilette visage et corps de Cattier.

It smells delicious, the light and creamy texture gently cleans the skin.

I use only on the face of my infant and his hands for quick toilet.

Based with organic sweet almond which nourishes, softens and protects the skin's natural balance and organic orange blossom floral water which soothes and leaves a delicate fragrance.

? 24% of ingredients are from Organic Farming.

? 99% of ingredients are of natural origin

? No rinsing

About 9 € 500 ml mon corner bio.

To apply, I use the famous washable square bamboo cotton which Alexandra wrote about in her last post.

I have the Kit Éco Chou, special baby and I love them.

Ultra soft, eco friendly, organic, friendly to the planet, they are perfect for Loulou's toilet.

Ah! I forgot, they are also super economical because I used 2-3 packets of cotton per week ... I guess it will now make me a good economy at the end of the year!

I use squares cotton to apply the cleansing milk and liniment

and mini gloves ultra practices for "Captain poo" ... in the blink of an eye the little buttocks are clean.

There is a but :

Choose washable cotton is a true logistic and for girls not organized like me, it's a bit of a drag, namely:

- They must be washed at 40 ° C with light color ... I tried  with the dark color, it was the catastrophic, all the clothes were spattered with white fibers. We must therefore make  40 ° C light color washing machine, regularly (which I do not, even with a baby) or have a mega stock of washable cotton.

- Hand them up takes a lot of time and it makes me crazy, and pick them up ...

But good with a little practice and discipline, these small eco cotton are great.

Advice from Emma to find the softness and flexibility of cotton:

- You can unclog in the washing machine once or twice a year, put your cloth products in your machine and add two tablespoons of washing soda (sodium carbonate) plus a teaspoon of bicarbonate as detergent, in softener tray pour half a glass of alcohol vinegar. program a rather long cycle at 60 ° C and a double rinsing.


For those who wish to test, Les Tendances d'Emma offers to MakeMyBeauty readers a 10% discount on the entire site for 3 months.

Valid once per person and can not be combined with other offers.

coupon code: MAKEMYBEAUTY


Kit Éco Chou includes a box, 10  gloves and 10 baby  washable coton square, one net for washing, 35 €.


I then moisturizes his face with Baby Balm de Bloom & Blossom, I've already talked about this brand that I love.

Minimal ingredients = A maximum of results, this is the philosophy of Bloom and Blossom.

These treatments are made from natural plant products with high levels of active substances for maximum efficiency.

I massage the balm on my baby's face morning and night and believe me he has a "baby skin." Super moisturizing, soothing, protective balm that can be used on the body and for the whole family.

He repaired my dry hands, arch assaulted by repeated washings because of my job as a makeup artist and now mom.

it contains seven ingredients:

? shea butter nourishes and softens

? essential oil of lavender calm and softens

? Olive oil  hydrate

? vitamin E protects cells from external aggressions.

? seed oil anti-inflammatory castor

? MEDILAN moisturizes and reduces the risk of allergic reaction

? zinc oxide protects skin due to its anti-bacterial qualities

it does NOT contain:

? of petroleum

? sodium laureth

? sodium laurel sulphate (SLS)

? of xenoestrogens

? of phthalates

? of paraben

? artificial colors

? synthetic fragrance

? petrochemicals

? aggressive detergents

? toxic ingredients

? not tested on animals

reassuring, is not it?

Available at Nose, 20 rue Bachaumont 75002 Paris -

 about 20 €


And you, what are your hit baby products?


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  1. Marie, le 13 May 2013 à 22h13

    Moi c’est le liniment Cattier que j’adore!!! La texture est beaucoup plus cremeuse que celle des liniments classiques et elle sent bon, sans avoir de fort parfum d’huile d’olive!
    Pour raffraichir mon petit bout, je lui passe un coton imbibe d’eau florale Dermagor dans le cou. Le parfum est a tomber!

  2. Nelly C., le 23 May 2013 à 12h56

    @Marie hello Marie comment va James ?? Merci pour le tips de l’eau florale je n’y avais pas penser, je vais essayer. Bises

  3. Kari Dodson, le 2 June 2013 à 05h14

    Je reprends le travail à partir mars, cependant je connais quelques personnes (famille et amies) qui vont bientôt accoucher et je leur ai déjà parler des couches lavables. Je pense que le fait de leur expliquer le mode de fonctionnement, quelques prospectus et une démonstration sur mon petit loup les aideront à faire le pas.