My ideal beauty bag by 45°C

My ideal beauty bag by 45°C

My journey in Oman, opus # 2 ... As mentioned in my previous post, it is very hot in the Sultanate ... July temperatures vary between 38 ° C and 45 ° C ... Sunscreen is + + + + + and it is almost no makeup ... Imagine your head in an oven ... it is the same ... We forget pencils and eye shadows that do not stay on ... especially if the activities are more of Trek as lazing under air conditioning ... Two important points in my choice of beauty products in Oman: Maxi SPF and Maxi mat finish ! For the face, la crème Soleil protection anti taches brunes ROC IP 50+.. Although its texture is creamy, it spreads easily and stays matte. It is ideal to prevent the appearance of dark spots caused by the sun ... I have used several times a day on the face, hands and chest ... associated with a hat, a scarf, a shirt with long sleeves and pants ... seems exaggerated but the sun is so strong in Oman that full protection is necessary ... (Yes I know ... I could totally wear the dishdasha .. but I did not dare ...) ... all that we do at MMB be away from the UV to protect our 30's and 40'S skin ... In the beach, I was protecting my body with Lait spray solaire Biafine SPF 50+, and my hair with voile capillaire haute protection Phyto ... it is reported as non-greasy and non-sticky, but anyway hair still remain slightly sticky after application ... For the make-up, this was the bare minimum, just enough to have a matte and even complexion. So I used the famous touche éclat d'Yves Saint Laurent  (01 light pink color) to illuminate the eye contour whith transparency and fond de teint poudre compact Nars (shade Fiji medium clear) which is very practical in its ventilated enclosure with a latex sponge. In a one quick step it helps to have a beautiful complexion ... and my faith in extreme heat we hardly need more ... In the evening, I was cleaning face and neck with le Doux Nettoyant Moussant Clarins is a must have for sensitive skin prone to dry or dehydrated. This is an ultra soft shea butter product, which cleans perfectly (including SPF remaining stubborn skin). It leaves skin texture soft and velvety ... plus it smells divinely good. For recalcitrant to the cleaners that rinse with water, you must know that the Clarins gentle cleanser neutralizes the drying effects of hard water. Although called "foaming" is still rather creamy texture and if you really like the effect of "foam", so be aware to well emulsify with water. And finally nail of my little toes, a touch of color with glossy lacquer red grenadine Calypso 158 de Dior ... it is part of the new collection of Dior Gloss varnish in high gloss and transparent texture ... I had already spoken about here. ... But beware! Hurry because they are limited edition and already unavailable in some shop ... Here is the summary of a beauty kit easy to carry in luggage and this was perfect to use especially if you are in the sun and heat ... ;) And you? What is your ideal beauty bag this summer ?
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  1. Eve B., le 30 July 2012 à 17h59

    eh oui c’est la chaleur que nous connaissons dans le 06 en ce moment avec le souffle d’un vent brûlant en prime! On étouffe et on vit sous le ventilateur;merci pour tes conseils qui s’appliquent tout à fait chez nous ces jours ci;on dégouline de 9 heures à 20 heures sous un soleil de plomb et on attend le coucher du soleil pour se baigner!

  2. Jessica, le 30 July 2012 à 18h01

    Ça a l’air juste superbe Oman… J’entr’aperçois le désert là derrière toi.. pas trop dur cette chaleur?

  3. Alexandra B., le 30 July 2012 à 18h16

    Quelle chance! je suis rentrée à Paris depuis une semaine… ici le soleil est vraiment timide;(
    je préférais la chaleur intense d’oman
    Oui c’est le désert!!!! C’était une expérience formidable.. La chaleur était bizarrement supportable… mais il faut dire qu’on était tellement griser par la découverte du pays, que ce petit désagrément ne nous a pas beaucoup dérangé…