My mini eye lashes curler

My mini eye lashes curler

Women that I do make up are perplexed when I take it out of my kit ... or they even have a panicked face because they often confuse it with tweezers ... they must think that I'm going to take off their eyelashes! What an idea ladies! But no, no! This is a mini eyelash curler! For curling baby lashes, or corner lashes, those who are desperately down and escape the mascara ... I like to use it on "complement" of classic eye lash curlers ... I "finished" often with my mini eyelash curler to bend and stretch the famous outer corner lashes ... And then, only then ... I apply the mascara ... My mini "machine" is a tool of precision, ideal to open a glance at a glance ... I brought him a few years ago in Japan ... This one, I don't know if you can find in France ... However, Mac has a similar model, somewhat more traditional ... My mini eyelash curler, I cherish it ... I once again used it to do makeup on Marine Saturday, one of our beautiful brides ... I realized that I needed to speak about it to you! ... I'm not very active right now on the blog, but I always think of you to share my must-have;) And this one is top of the list! Mini riquiqui indeed! ... But maxi useful ;) Good day to all!
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  1. steinmetz, le 6 February 2013 à 12h12

    je n’ai jamais trouve l’ustensile ideal…..peut etre celui ci..

  2. Marie, le 7 April 2013 à 12h31

    Bonjour, j’ai plusieurs fois essayé de recourber mes cils avec un recourbe-cils “classique” mais ils restent droits. Auriez-vous un conseil ou une astuce pour que les cils prennent une joile forme ? Merci beaucoup

  3. Alexandra B., le 8 April 2013 à 10h06

    @Marie…Quelle marque de recourbe cils utilises tu?

  4. marie, le 11 April 2013 à 18h26

    Un recourbe-cils classique qui ressemble à un “appareil de torture”.

  5. PATRICIA, le 14 March 2014 à 11h41

    merci de bien vouloir m’indiquer où acheter cet ustensile, chez vous ? cordialement

  6. Alexandra B., le 14 March 2014 à 16h27

    Nous ne vendons pas de recourbe cils.
    Comme vous pouvez le lire dans mon billet, ce recourbe cils vient du japon!
    Mais comme évoqué encore une fois dans mon billet;) vous pouvez en trouver un équivalent chez Mac Cosmetics.
    Bon week end patricia!