My mum to be body skincare

When I told you about the coming of  MakeMyBeauty'sBaby N°2   , some of you seemed interested in my new rituals skincare ...

It took time but finally here is my first post " Mum to be skincare routine " ... at the same time , 6 months of testing were much needed to dig up my "Must " .

I start with the body skincare :

6 months of daily massage , a velvety skin , still no stretch appeared ... Perhaps I found "la crème de la crème" ?

Yes I know, I 'm not at the end of my troubles ... I still have a long way before being sure that my body has held up well ... But I do not think I 'm doing not too bad with the 4 treatments that combine everything that I love, ie :

Pleasure, Speed ​, Efficiency and Price

As for those who have not yet experienced the joys of pregnancy, as you say these factors are super important given the amount of product applied on belly and breasts that round every day ...

Needs to smell good, needs to penetrates quickly , needs to work and not be to expensive because still need to think about  preparing for the coming baby which is equivalent to the GDP of Burkina Faso ...

Anyway ... I first tested the special Mustela stretch mark cream and Clarins but ultimately I do not have to renew my purchase once the tubes completed as disappointed by the unpleasant lumps that form after the slightest movement of massage ...

I then asked advice at  the pharmacy in rue Dufour ... you know, this famous drugstore where you can find ALL at very low prices ... A nice little lady then told me to try crème prévention vergetures Elancyl... First unconvinced by the green packaging disagree with my coiffeuse ( this is my  " Nelly 's side... ) ... I finally bought it and I can tell you today that this treatment is just perfect ! The pump bottle (well yes it is still green ... ) is super convenient for speed morning and it makes zero lumps ! Its scent is pleasant, and the price, € 26 , is just great for 500ml.

On weekends , when I have more time , I alternate with Huile Tonic de Clarins ... Where the application should be followed by a cold shower ... Personally I love the smell of mint / geranium and although the procedure is longer than for Elancyl , I 'm a fan of the soft and firming effect !

I also like to use the cream Amandula de Casanera whose warm scent makes me happy ... But never applied too generously risk to see those nasty lumps forming on the skin ...

And finally, I discovered Lotion au Romarin du Dr Hauschka which relieves heavy legs ... A chance for the makeup artist that I am because I 'm often working standing up ...

In addition to this ritual , I will not deny that even at 6 months of pregnancy , I still going to  my Pilates and Stretching courses ... ;) And I massage in the shower with a non slip work glove  ( legs I understand, not the stomach ... ) to overcome the ugly cellulite tends to settle .

That is it girls ;)

My next posts MakeMyBaby certainly talk about my face and  hair skincare ...

Meanwhile , future or new moms, if you have any tips / tricks to give to me , I 'm all ears ;)

Kiss !

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