Nathalie Rykiel beauty secret

Nathalie Rykiel beauty secret

Nathalie Rykiel -beauté

A few months ago I had the opportunity to make up Nathalie Rykiel for several events. This exciting adventure began with the launch of her latest book "4 décembre" (“December 4”)...

I had a very interesting meeting with Nathalie, one of those that mark your career…Because, she isn’t just someone famous who needed making-up, but a generous and warm-hearted woman who you can’t be indifferent to…Every time I see her I am touched by her maternal side…Perhaps I feel close to her because she is the same sign as me (Sagittarius)…Who knows…

Nathalie is beautiful with or without make-up because she is so positive!

But, like us all, she has her little foibles, her secrets for feeling her best…which she has kindly agreed to share with us in this blog!

What is your first beauty ritual in the morning?

A kiss for my lover and a spritz of Sisley’s Eau Florale... I love this water’s perfume!

What is your last beauty ritual in the evening?

I read until I can feel my eyes closing, then I put out the light and wrap myself around my love…

If you have 2 minutes to get ready what do you do?

I mix a touch of hydrating cream (I alternate between Embryolisse and La Prairie’s Caviar Cream) with my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer.

I put a touch of Laura Mercier cream blush on my cheeks and temples…...

And finally I never leave the house without using my Yves Saint Laurent black eye liner and a spray of Dior’s Granville eau de Cologne.

What is your beauty must do?

My hands and feet always have to be absolutely I-M-P-E-C-C-A-B-L-E!

Kamel comes to my house to care for them...

What is the beauty faux pas you know you shouldn’t do, but you do it anyway?

I think I do everything I should do!

I sleep 8 hours a night, I never drink alcohol, I don’t smoke, I keep hydrated…I think…

But according to my daughters, every time I look in a mirror I make a sort of ugly grimace, which upsets them, and so upsets me too…

What’s the best beauty tip you have?

"Stand up straight!" It’s what my grandmother told me…

And what have you told your daughters (Nathalie has three daughters)

Never wear chipped nail polish! Wherever we have nail polish, the remover is never far away.

What beauty products can’t you live without?

I’m a complete fan of Guerlain’s Super Aqua Mask which boosts my skin when I’m feeling tired and also By Terry’s Baume de rose for my lips.

As I’ve already said, I’m also a big fan of Sisley’s Eau Florale which warps me in a gentle cloud when I wake up in the morning.

I love taking-off my make-up with Eve Lom’s cleanser which I discovered in London.

For my hair I like Philip B’s Russian Amber Imperial dry shampoo which keeps my hair looking perfect between two washes.

For make-up I am addicted to:

-Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturiser (I mix Bisque and Ocre to get the exact shade of my skin).

- Yves Saint Laurent’s Dessin du Regard noir eyeliner... it’s the only one that I can apply successfully.

- for my lip liner, Aqualips 14C by Make Up For Ever, and my lipstick is Shiseido’s RD 750, their colors are just perfect!

- I only use cream blush and I’ve recently discovered Laura Mercier’s Rosebud which I adore.

And finally, I am particularly fond of Louboutin’s Very Privé red nail polish!

What beauty ritual gives you confidence before an important meeting?

Having my eyes or my lips beautifully made-up…And feeling good in my clothes!

What’s your favorite beauty place in Paris?

My Pilates class, which I go to 3 times a week (Club Rituel - 16 rue de la grande Chaumière - 75006 PARIS)

What is your go to color?

Black for my eyes… red for my lip and nails!

And finally…tell us one thing that makes you beautiful?


Crédits Photos by Benjamin Taguemount
Makeup by Alexandra Bonelli
Hair by Laurent Mole
Nails by Kamel Manucure.



❤︎ Dans le Vanity de Nathalie Rykiel ❤︎

(Dans l'ordre de Gauche à droite )

Les crèmes teintées Laura Mercier

L'Audacious Mascara NARS

Le crayon dessin du regard noir Yves Saint Laurent

le rouge à lèvres Parfait RD 750 de Shiseido

La Poudre Phyto-Poudre libre Sisley Mate 02

La baume à lèvres à la rose By Terry

Le crayon aqua Lips 14C Make Up For Ever

le shampoing sec Russian Amber Impérial de Philip B

Le Blush Crème Rosebud Laura Mercier

Le Super Aqua mask de Guerlain

L'Eau Florale de Sisley

L'Eau Micellaire Créaline H2O Bioderma

La crème démaquillante Eve Lom

 Le vernis Rouge Very Privé Louboutin


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  1. Madame Ganache, le 19 February 2016 à 18h46

    tellement glamour

  2. Germinette, le 22 February 2016 à 00h14

    Super article!

    J’adoore son maquillage sur la photo. Son rouge à lèvre et son crayon sont bien les produits cités dans l’interview?

    Merci les filles pour votre blog!!!

  3. Alexandra B., le 22 February 2016 à 11h20

    Oui c’est le crayon aqua lips makeupforever + le rouge rd 750 shiseido!;)

  4. AUDREY, le 25 February 2016 à 18h47

    La classe, tout simplement !

  5. Thenewclem, le 28 April 2016 à 18h02

    Cet article apporte tellement de fraîcheur! C’est parfait pour donner l’envie de prendre soin de soi.