Nude Makeup #1


Here is the first part in a series that I prepared ;)

During my research, I discovered full of new nude shade for Spring - Summer 2014 ... I decided to take the time to talk through different post ... And I can say that there is a lot to talk about! We could devote an entire blog !

We all want to wear the nude shade , right? This has become a bit of basic color chic and essential .

Why ?

Because in gloss or lipstick, it goes wonderfully with smoky eyes .

In blush , it enhances simply a cheekbone.

In shadow, it works every time .

And nail polish , it's just ultra chic .

So I convinced you ?

Today I begin with Laque Brillance BE 102 de Shisieido, also called Beige Innocent... I love this color at the first sight when Shsieido has presented their new collection of lip gloss.

In this photo I accompanied this pretty nude gloss with a line of kohl on the eyes ... But as mentioned above , it can also be sublime with a smoky eye or a really deep dark smoky .


I also had a crush for the nail polish  Différent Pyjama Party  from the Clinic  new Nude Collection  ( careful limited ! Edition).

This is a true beige very glossy  "Different" because it comes from a range specially designed to minimize the risk of allergy for nails but also for the skin and eyes .

But mostly I had a real crush for the nail polish 150 150 Nude de Calvin Klein

It is a sublime pink beige for fair skin , which blends perfectly with the gloss Beige Innocent by Shiseido that  I mentioned above.

See you soon for more .

Besos from La Reunion Island where I have the chance to be for few days ;-)


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