Pastels are a beauty staple, every spring the soft sugared almond colors flood out.

These watery greens, pale milky turquoises and faded pinks are so easy to fall for, but oh how we regret the impulse when we have to use them!

Because, of course, pastels aren't easy, especially if you're no longer a member of the Mickey Mouse Club, they are very unforgiving. You need to be young, smooth, and fresh, with a near perfect complexion.

If you are under 25 then you can wear them without a second thought, anything is possible…After that you need to be less embracing and just a touch on your cheeks or lips will be enough.

Every year we studiously avoid the subject, but this season it is enormous and even the trendiest brands are offering pastels…And here, I'm thinking of our beloved Nars' pretty icy mint for the eyes and soft rose for the lips.

So we thought a little tutorial was called for, so you can see how the MMB girls have tamed pastels.

The 2016 brides will love this sweet and sour inspiration.

For this make-up I used Zoeva's make up brushes which are the best. As we are professionals, we are a bit particular in the matter, but believe me they do the job. They do lose a few bristles, but at that price you can't expect a 5 star product.

maestro glow fond de teintapplication blush

I began by using a Beauty Blender and Armani's sublime Maestro Glow Foundation to unify the complexion. (I'll tell you more about that in another post.) Then I applied a very, very light touch of RMS Beauty powder on the T-zone so I didn't lose the glow from the Maestro.

crayon shu uemurastep 1 crayon shu uemura

I covered the eyelid with Shu Uemura's jumbo crayon which is a pretty shade of watery green.

Then I used Zoeva' n°221 brush to diffuse it subtly. This base gave the make up its depth and meant it would last well.

palette indie jaspe yslapplication vert ysl

Next, for the main color I used the green from Yves Saint Laurent's  Indie Jaspe palette, applied with a n°234 Zoeva brush.

This slightly iridescent shadow added a delicate shine to the crayon and created a silky shade.

fard rose palette yves saint laurentrose dans le pli paupièreWith

Zoeva's n°221 brush I applied the pink shadow from the Indie Jaspe palette to the crease. I also shaded it in the inner corner of the eye and along the base of the lashes to create a halo of tender light.

I finished by covering the lashes with Nars' Audacious mascara, this season's star.

palette blush zoevaapplication blush

It was a pleasure to use Zoeva's blush on the cheeks…Their blushes are as brilliant as their brushes. They go on with a single movement, have plenty of pigment and a super pretty line of colors…

Here, I colored the cheekbones with a pretty, fresh, and subtle sugared almond pink from their Pink Spectrum palette, using a n°132 brush.

And there you are: my first pastel make-up - soft, dreamy and luminous.

makeup one

The only daring part of the make-up are the really intense lashes, which make a fabulous contrast to the discreet eye shadow. On her lips, Marion is wearing Yves Saint Laurent's Vernis à lèvres in Rose Folk.

crayon noir urban decaymakeup 2 close up

If you find pastels a bit "boring" then a little black crayon is all that's needed to make it more grunge.

Using Nars' Minorque Kholiner I lined the top and bottom eyelids, letting it gently run into the base of the lashes both on the top and the bottom to give the eyes intensity.

makeup 2

And if that isn't enough for you, to really drive up the color we loved Yves Saint Laurent's 80s style color block mascaras.

Along the tips of Marion's eyelashes I applied a touch of Yves Saint Laurent's Hippie Green mascara and on her lips Dior's Lip Glow Lilac.

mascara effet faux cils yves saint laurent


makeup 3

So are you going to try pastels?? They're quite easy really and not as difficult as all that, are they?

A big thank you to Claire for her beautiful photos @ cgsteetstyle and our beloved assistant  Marion, whom where the nail polish Garden  by Dior.


 ❤︎ Produits sur la photo  ❤︎

Palette Indie Jaspe d'Yves Saint Laurent

Fond de teint Maestro Glow d'Armani

Crayon jumbo Shu Uemura

 Mascara Hippie Green d'Yves Saint Laurent

 Lip Glow Lilac de Dior

Vernis Garden  de Dior

Vernis Color Hit Sephora.

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