Perfect to go to the swimming pool

I totally felt in love  for the new Couture Palette Yves Saint Laurent, they are all beautiful from the very nude hues to the most colorful each of you will find hers. All harmonies are inspired from the couture heritage , and we can not ignore here the signature of the late Master. So I had wanted to create a super summer makeup, ideal for enjoying a drink at the swimming pool in a simple fashion. At this stage of the post you must  think: - "she is completely nuts the MMB, she has sniffed the Saint Lolo pallets!" Ok, can not be adapted for a drink by the swimming the makeup, but to go clubbing after the beach you will be perfect. I actually just dropped the brush, because I was totally inspired by the colors of Lumière Majorelle palette, I wanted to apply all the colors like au fauvist painter. However, it is as well possible get a lighter makeup with this palette. makemybeauty - yves saint laurent - shu uemura - So how it happened: I first sketched the entire mobile eyelid and lower lashes with pencil dessin du regard Yves Saint Laurent in the Oriental Blue color, which I smudged with the precision brush Nars 44. Then I generously applied  over in solid color, the darker hues of the Lumière Majorelle palette,, with the brush Nars Eye Shadow #40, almost to the eyebrows. In the eyelid folds I faded of the iridescent blue eyeshadow using the brush Nars Eyeshadow Blending No. 42. Always with the Lumière Majorelle palette,, I put some light in the internal angle with the pale yellow/green, applying eyeshadow with round brush Nars Eyeshadow Blending # 42 and I finished by putting intense green emerald in the center of the eyelid to give body to makeup. I also apply it on the water line to bring  mystery to Léa's eye, with the push brush Nars eyeliner    # 46 moistened, which give long lasting  and depth to the eye. Lot of mascara with mascara volume Baby Doll by Yves Saint Laurent, in black which is absolutely perfect. For this type of makeup, it is recommended to prepare the skin after eye makeup because the bottom of the eye is often dirty by pigment eyeshadows that volatilize. I used two fabulous products, soft and easy to apply with a subtle coverage and an ultra bright finish formulas: the foundation Teint Touche Éclat, and the dark circles Concealer Blending both by Yves Saint Laurent applied with finger then refined with Beauty Blender. On the cheeks and mouth, I apply in transparency , so almost faded to balanced with the outrageous eyes, Kiss & Blush by Yves Saint Laurent in the color Fuchsia Désinvolte with one of my favorite brush Kabuki Yachivo of Nars. The Kiss & Blush collection is a versatile range that can be used on the cheeks as the mouth at the same time very intense or very clear, it leaves the lips as velvet skin. During the shooting a courier dropped us new inks eyebrows by Shu Uemura, I wanted to test immediately to draw Léa's eyebrows. I warn you this is a great must have, they are absolutely fabulous. They redensifient eyebrows naturally, very careful  the product is intense, use it sparingly and gently. The bad news, they will be available for sale only in September. makemybeauty - maquillage A big thank you to Léa, who is  trainer of wild animals in Eastern Siberia, but also a cool and rebellious model. Not to mention super Julie Come out of the woods for beautiful pictures. makemybeauty Nail lacquer in  Red Pop Art by Yves Saint Laurent. Good tools are the secret to a successful makeup, so this shoot I basically used the new collection of Nars brushes that I heartily recommend.
publié le Sunday 3 August 2014 My Beauty Session