Red eyelids by Chanel #1

Red eyelids by Chanel #1


It took Lucia to work for Chanel and create this beautiful ‘all about red’ collection to make Stephanie finally be ok to serve as our model…

Let me explain:

Lucia Pica is the new Chanel makeup creative designer and this fall, she has decided to go back to makeup basics by encouraging us to put a few dashes a red on the eyelids and you know what? It looks just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Stéphanie Rousseau is Stef from the Mademoiselle Stef blog. Illustrator with a transparent complexion and lagoon look, she’s also a DA, graphic designer and photographer… Of course we read  her blog and we follow her nice Instagram page… Of course we love her brushstroke… But we have especially been after her for a few months because we think she kinda looks like Kristen Stewart… and this is so inspiring.

So Steph, who agrees to serve as our model to try the surprising red eye shadow shades from Chanel, it’s just perfect!

And guess what, everything worked out!

Since I just got back from maternity leave, and Stef was coming to Paris for a few days for her job (she lives in Bordeaux…)… And Alain was available to curl our beautiful model’s hairstyle.

I take this opportunity to announce that Alain Silvani, celebrities’ favorite colorist, is joining the MakeMyBeauty workshop!

Yes ladies, be ready, you will soon be able to enjoy some complete beauty coaching that will also include the highlight of your hair! Isn’t life beautiful? img_6667

  For Stef’s complexion, I chose:

- The Belle Mine Naturelle n°20 foundation (a very light ivory), perfect for her skin that tends to have some redness, this foundation sublimates and gives flawless skin thanks to “Healthy Glow Booster” mineral pigments and “Soft Focus” powders.

- The éclat lumière N°20 face pen, perfect to illuminate all dark areas with subtlety.

- The foundation powder n°20, in order to mattify and unify some reluctant areas even more, but without any “caky” effect.

For Stef’s eyes, I chose:

- The illusion eye shadow 132 Rouge contraste, a matte chocolate brown with a silky cream texture.

- The 268 palette - Candeur et Expérience, 4 eye shadows marrying warm browns to some intense brick red.

- The waterproof eye pencil 929 Agapé, a warm and red-tinted brown with some slightly wet effect.

- The mascara volume noir... One of MMB’s favorite.

For Stef’s cheeks and lips, I chose:

- The contrast blush 320 Rouge Profond, a brick red.

- The Rouge Allure Velvet 58 Rouge Vie, a crimson red and the lip pencil 98 Séduction.


At first sight, we could think it is very delicate to put red on the eyes… But the collection created by Lucia is in fact very simple and playful to use… The shades perfectly blend in and make the iris pop with delight, and I can assure you, you don’t have to be a makeup artist to know how to use it… I swear…

If you’re addicted seduced by Stéphanie’s firmly chic and ultra-feminine look as much as I am, make sure you come back next week on the blog to discover a step-by-step tutorial for this makeup.

In the meantime, I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and thank you so much again to the delightful Mademoiselle Stef for lending her pretty face to MMB for a morning.


Photos : Claire Guillon

Haïr style : Alain Silvani.

Design : wall paper  Farrow and Ball.

publié le Monday 26 September 2016 My Beauty Session, Trends
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  1. LuluTigresse, le 18 September 2016 à 19h17


    Ce maquillage irait-il également sur yeux chocolat?

    Merci d’avance,

    Une vieille adepte de MakeMyBeauty 😉

  2. Laure, le 22 September 2016 à 15h54


    ha mais depuis longtemps je cherche un rouge comme ombre à paupière, je trouve le résultat sublime et me suis toujours demandé pourquoi on en trouvait pas… mystère ! Merciiii

  3. Alexandra B., le 23 September 2016 à 01h21

    @Laure effectivement on ne trouve pas beaucoup de belles teintes rouges pour les paupières… Celles créées par Lucia Pica sont vraiment parfaitement travaillées… Un mélange de brique et de marron chaud qui sublime l’iris et en aucun cas fatigue le regard.

  4. Alexandra B., le 23 September 2016 à 01h28

    Hello LuluTigresse, comment allez vous?
    Alors oui ce maquillage va aussi aux yeux noisettes… Je vous conseille notamment d’utiliser le stylo Agapé, l’ombre crème illusion rouge contraste et de vous amusez avec les 3 bruns chauds de la palettes 4 ombres Candeur et Expérience 😉 (Sur Steph, j’avais surtout utiliser l’ombre brique de cette palette, parfait avec ces yeux bleus-verts)

  5. LuluTigresse, le 25 September 2016 à 20h28

    Merci beaucoup !

    J’ai hâte de faire le test !!!!