I often wonder since when and why I am passionated about beauty ? !

And there is a few days ago my boyfriend , who is a great antique hunter , brought me back these few vintage bottles of Guerlain, stamped 1987.

Obviously , I start bitching that he brings me back AGAIN some dirty stuff  and he answer me :

- "The color is beautiful , I found them fun to illustrate one of your post ... "

I put them away but one day I was passing by, I was thinking that is true the color is super nice but Jardins de Bagatelle reminds me of sweet memories .

Indeed, it tickles me since a long time the passion for beauty because Jardins de Bagatelle was one of my first beauty crush and I was 11 !

Back in the 80's , I am in collège and I am fascinated by Mrs L. our matron . Hyper sophisticated as the Ladies of this time, big hair, big makeup, always wearing navy blue suit with a big jewelry nestled at the birth of her chest and especially her perfume make me crazy ...

She was smelling so good, I was so pleased to smell her each time I was passing next to her. The story turns to obsession because I wanted to know the name of this delicious fragrance but I did not dare to ask her ... in the 80's familiarities were not permitted .

So determined and obsessed, I finally have the audacity to ask her what she was wearing , needless to say that I still remember what she answer me :

- " Mademoiselle but who do you think you are"

However, the miracle happened shortly after ... one day in shopping at the perfumery with my late Grandma Jolie, Hallelujah I recognize the thing "Jardins de Bagatelle "!

It does not take long for me to convince Grandma Jolie to drop the $ $ $.

I was 11 years my perfume was a Guerlain while my girlfriends sprinkled herself with Anaïs Anaïs , was not already hyper hype beauty lovers ? !

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  1. elo, le 21 March 2014 à 17h56

    Trop chou le namoureux!! En tout cas c’est clair qu’ils sont très beaux…

  2. Kiki O, le 22 March 2014 à 07h58

    Et modeste ?

  3. Nelly C., le 23 March 2014 à 21h14

    n’est ce pas !!!!

  4. Florence cerezo, le 23 March 2014 à 22h28

    J adore, je veux les mêmes !!!

  5. Nelly C., le 24 March 2014 à 19h46

    @Florence je te les garde ma floflo. bisous

  6. Lana'TrotteToujours, le 26 March 2014 à 11h19


    J’adore ces cosmétiques, le packaging, la marque ^^ et cette couleur bleu ça me donne envie de voyager 🙂

  7. Mamchoum, le 28 March 2014 à 09h08

    Moi aussi je m’aspergeais d’anais anais et il a fallu quelques années pour que je m’abonne à Guerlain! Mais ce joli packaging bleu me rappelle avec tendresse la petite Grand-mère de celui qui est devenu mon mari et qui m’offrait à chaque Noël la jolie boîte bleue contenant le savon shalimar. Je regrette de ne pas en avoir gardée une en souvenir! Merci de m’avoir rappelé par le biais de ces boîtes un tendre souvenir!