Richard Fraysse interview, Nose from Maison Caron

Alexandra and I are great fans of  Maison Caron.

It starts with the loose powders that we love. They are thin, delicate, leave a veil of light and discreet on the skin while leaving a subtle smell of Bulgarian rose. Kept in a rich case, a real luxury from yesterday with the a swan puff, we feels like Maryline ...

We had the chance to have a private visit the boutique rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, temple of haute perfumery. The gold, perfume fountains, chandeliers, marble, crystals keel us over.

So it made us want to ask some questions to the Nose of  Maison Caron, Richard Fraysse.

? What qualities should one possess to be perfumer?

Of course having a nose developed, to its ranges for years (learn and memorize the maximum of ingredients)

And above all be creative and seek originality, respecting the notion of pleasure of a perfume.

? What is the biggest challenge in this job?

Wanting to be different from other so original and at the same time, trying to please the greatest number.

? What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a nose?

Firstly, as in music, discover the musical notes then start with simple chords from 6 to 8 raw materials. And discover that the dosage of each substance is important, and finally see that each new test is better than the last, which means progress, and sometimes (often) and start from scratch again.

? Which ingredients are you favorite to create a Caron fragrance ?

The CARON for women contain all the rose and jasmine (which in itself is not bad) and I like to add one of my favorite product: neroli, orange blossom this multi-faceted products.

? What are you working on now?

Both a male and a female, which allows me to switch from one to the other when I feel no more progress on one of the two. The male is rather agreste aromatic notes, with regard to women I can not tell you more, if it is a family that has rarely been successful, and my challenge is to try to reverse this trend .

? What is for you the most scandalous scent for the past 100 years?

Everything depends on what is meant by outrageous,  so I will mention two:

- Pour un homme de CARON first true perfume for men at a time when men did not almost perfumed, and which contains a part of femininity by adding vanilla.

- And ANGEL, which created a new family.

? What perfume are you faithful?

In my personal Cologne (and yes, this is the luxury of beeing a perfumer).

? Your favorite sentence about perfume?

Dream,  dream still always dream.

Until the release of Richard Fraysse new creations and to slip into your christmas wish list, the latest marvel from Caron: the powder body glitter, which we'll talk about it soon ....

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