Romantic Lover

Romantic Lover

A few weeks ago Nelly said to me:

“Well, you’re obviously planning something for us for Valentine’s Day, aren’t you?”

The thing is, you shouldn’t challenge me…So here are my ideas about Valentine’s Day!! I’m not a particular fan of the day itself, but I do believe that love (wherever it comes from) is the cure for a lot of things… And that it’s essential if you want to be happy…And also for mending our planet..Anyway… Talking about love…How can I say this…it’s super cool! So I wanted to talk to you about lovers…romantic, passionate, seductive, fiery… We’ve all been one of them, I think. I’ve been inspired by some new things created especially for this day, but also by some that are new for spring…and I can tell you that I really enjoyed researching the subject ! To begin with, a portrait of the Romantic Lover… Typically a woman who doesn’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day to show her other half a little tenderness. The Romantic is delicate, tender, emotional… She reminds me of the girl in David Hamilton’s photographs, flowing hair, a crown of flowers, dressed in silk or lace… Lips barely touched with pale pink… The Romantic wears the new eau de toilette by Chloé, LOVE STORY, a floral scent that marries orange flower with jasmine stephanotis…She will love its fluted bottle, which reminds you of a delicately pleated dress. love-story-chloé   She will apply Guerlain’s iconic, violet perfumed, Meteorites powder , to make her complexion radiant…and, of course, she will prefer the multi-colored beads in the delicately engraved compact which looks so pretty on her dressing table. love-guerlain   She loves the bee-sting effect of KissKiss Rose Lip...And adores the floral scent as she applies the new Guerlain nail varnish ! And, obviously, the Romantic is mad for delicate lingerie in nude and pastel colors! So girls, are you a romantic lover?   Saint-valentin-beauté-romantique

❤︎ The selection for the Romantic ❤︎

L'eau de Toilette LOVE STORY Chloé

La poudre Météorites Guerlain (existe en 3 Teintes).

Le Baume Teinté Kiss Kiss Rose Lip  Guerlain.- Teinte Morning Rose.

Le vernis parfumé La Petite Robe Noire Guerlain.- Teinte My First Nail Polish 001.

La lingerie Nude Nicole Myla vendue au Printemps.

Come back next week to discover our three other types of Lovers!

I wish you a nice week-end.

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  1. deltreylicious, le 5 February 2016 à 09h27

    Canon la lingerie, j’adore la couleur !
    Biz Deltrey

  2. Sofia, le 5 February 2016 à 23h47

    J’adoooooore cette série sur la saint Valentin !!

    Vous avez décidément énormément de goût Alexandra. Les météorites sont fabuleuses, le parfum Love story ne me correspond pas, moi qui préfère les senteurs boisées (vous et moi partageons d’ailleurs le même parfum;) ), en revanche je ne connais pas les autres produits, donc à tester (ou à me faire offrir 😉 ).

    En fait, je correspond au profil romantique dans l’esprit ce qui ne se traduit pas niveau beauté où je suis plus fan de bouches rouges feux, de parfums boisés et capiteux, de dentelle noire…donc plutôt le profil passionné !

    Vivement les prochains articles !

  3. Aix paris, le 6 February 2016 à 12h28

    Juste ce qu’il faut! C’est ravissant!!!

  4. Alexandra B., le 7 February 2016 à 17h14

    Ah! Le prochain article vous correspondra certainement plus au niveau de la selection des produits alors;) bon week end et merci de nous lire!