Rose addiction

You understood it, the cheesy one of the team is me...

I'm starting to be used to take the role of the small sweet marshmallow on at MakeMyBeauty and it suits me very well... Even if we don't wait for the St Valentine's Day to offer ourselves presents or flowers, this celebration remains nevertheless a nth opportunity to get spoiled, and I can only approve.

I by the bye saw a wrapped bag signed Lou in my man's closet (I dare to hope that it is intended for me) and I can tell you that I jump for joy every time he offers me lingerie for February 14th... Even if for some it's a lack of originality, well for me, that ultra pleases me.

I am thus very happy to continue today to speak to you about love and everything that surrounds it, especially as  this post bursts with surprises for YOU, because we love you!

I noticed that my man becomes crazy when that he smells on me the soft fragrance of rose ... But watch out, not any rose fragrance. Forget the heady or synthetic flavors.

Here, I made you a small selection of Rose must-haves, to drive your better half crazy, or to simply please you :

-The Rose Delight candle - Délice d'Orient, Dyptique

Even though Dyptique is known by everyone (or almost) and instagramed by the entire world, each one of their creations is to die for, we would love to be able to offer them all to ourselves to perfume each room.

The little newest ?

An oriental candy in nod to the "Turkish delight", these delicious Loukoums that couples from Constantinople used to offer to each other, wrapped in small tissues, in sign of their love.

As I mentioned before, I'm a bit cheesy, and this flavored deliciousness with hints of Rose petals, slid with honey and lime zest, it literally melts me.

We also melt for it's beautiful pink dress set by oriental patterns gunny.

And of course, since it's a limited edition, we want it right now !

L'eau Florale de Rose, Argan Héritage

This floral water is one of my new year's favorite.I met Hind, the founder of Argan Heritage, a few weeks ago at our conference with Entreprenher Club.

Hind talked about her 100% natural beautiful brand and made us discover her Floral Water from the famous Roses Valley of Ouarzazate.

The Rose Water, with soothing properties, toning and hydration, has been included in the beauty ritual of women in Morocco for centuries.

Hence her desire to carry on this tradition trough this floral water composed by 100% pure roses, and only obtained by petals distillation.

We use it in the morning to gently wake the skin up , in the evening to perfect the make-up removal and to tighten the pores or at any time of the day to refresh the face.

Other than its super clean formula and its multiple properties, I've been totally blown away by the soft flowery vail that it leaves on the skin, and that even several hours after using it.

I admit that I rarely had the chance to use a natural rose water as powerful as this one, if you are a rose addict, i highly recommend you to try it.

Hind offers a discover discount code MMBROSE to use on her e-shop that will allow you to discover the whole range of products (discount code available until the 27th of February).

Rose de nuit, Serge Lutens

For a loooong time it has been the fragrance of the one of us that take herself for Marie-Antoinette at MakeMyBeauty!!!! (guess who?)

This atypical and decadent fragrance evokes her  the Ruler and the alcoves of Versailles.

This very powdered rose associated with the musk almost smells the pot, we adore this olfactive marvel, that leaves a velvet trail and invites into the lust.

baume de rose by Terry

- The Rose Balm range, By Terry

Hard to talk about Rose Must-haves without mentioning the It product, Rose Balm By Terry, a rose lip care between the balm and the gloss.

By Terry pleases us again by completing the range with 3 new products

with in the heart of the formula, the same ingredients.. Regenerating rose butter, Rose flower nourishing wax, muscat rose oil... And finally black rose extracts that are protecting, and pastel rose extracts that are softening and soothing :


It's the nomad version of the classic rose balm, just as nourishing, re plumping and enhancing..But this time around, in a jumbo stick format !

We love this new super practical packaging to slid into the pocket to make your lips good enough to eat in 2 seconds.


Beautiful and plumpy lips go trough the scrub step too.

Here also Terry propose us a nomadic packaging, easy to put in your toiletries.

Its formula is boosted with micro-cristals of natural sugar and filled with rose precious oils, perfectly adapted to the sensitive zone of the lips.

Such a deliciousness, that you literally want to eat it !

a poche pour se faire des lèvres à croquer en deux secondes.


With this body scrub, we totally enter in a more holistic beauty vision.

We don't use a simple scrub to take the dead skin out, but more like an airy and melting exfoliating cream that transforms in contact with water and leave on the body a silky finish.

We're way above the exfoliation, but more in the essence of a poly sensory care that plus the fact that it softens out the skin, it relaxes the spirits.

Personally the rare times I have time to take care of myself I want to live this kind of experience, not you?


Avec ce gommage pour le corps, on rentre totalement dans une vision  de le beauté plus holistique.

On n'utilise plus un simple gommage pour zigouiller ses cellules mortes, mais plutôt une crème gommante aérienne et fondante qui se métamorphose au contact de l'eau et laisse sur le corps un fini satiné.

On est bien au delà de l'exfoliation, mais davantage dans la quintessence d'un soin poly sensoriel qui en plus d'adoucir la peau, delasse les esprits...

Personnelement, les rares fois où j'ai le temps de m'occuper de moi j'ai vraiment envie de vivre ce genre d'expérience, pas vous?

That a perfect timing ! 

We spoil you another time 


a marvelous bundle of Rose Balm trio By Terry to win ! 

a stick + a lip scrub + a body scrub

Are you up for it ? 

To play, it's simple, tell us 

in the comments down below 

a small story linked to the rose...

Or just share with us the reasons why you love the rose.

We'll select our favorite response !  







Because other surprises are yet to come ! 

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