Rose water…

No it is not about the novel, but one of my beauty obsession the rose water, I sprinkle it over my face every morning.

You start to know me and you will understand that my  "beauty snob" pedigree, unfortunately does not allow me to satisfy with a Melvita or a Sanoflore. Especially since I discovered this jewels in the depths of a pharmacy in Turkey, I am constantly in search of exceptional water.

The nice pharmacist had told me that the rose water from Isparta was unique and the best in the world (capital of the rose in the south west of Turkey). So convinced and convincing, I brought back the bottle that it gave me very carefully and I must admit he did not lie, its perfumes, its delicacy, its benefits ... a pure vintage. Unfortunately, I forgot where were located the pharmacy and its nice pharmacist , so it is difficult to restock this delicious water. I know it is a  shame. However, I still have some arrows in my bow ... a marvel  braught back from my wanderings : the Santa Maria Novella rosewater. Santa Maria Novella, the best beauty salon in the world. Ancient and mysterious place, full of magic  cosmetics potions that are still handcrafted, according to medieval recipes. If you go to Florence, do not miss it. This rose water is also divine, I love it, refined, sweet, delicately flavored, it transforms the morning ablutions in a precious moment. Its virtues have been known since antiquity, it moisturizes, soothes, refreshes and purifies skin. But it also has anti-aging properties and astringent and can be used to scent the bath water. It is used in place of the tonic or lotion, spray on face or on a coton ball. For an invigorating effect, I suggest you keep it refrigerated. Do you know a great ose water? Santa Maria Novella Rose water is available at Amin Kader 2 rue Guisarde 75006 Paris.

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