S5 for stressed skin

S5 for stressed skin

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10 days ago, I was in Thailand ... Sniff ... it was so great ...

Anyway ... as mentioned in my last post, Only for your eyes, when I go on vacation, my beauty kit is lighter, whether for makeup or skin care. I then take "small" packages ", easy to carry.


Good for me, S5 SkinCare has serum available in 10ml ... 5 serum for 5 issues: 1 anti-aging, 1 complexion illuminator , 1 Sensitive Skin, 1 purifying and 1 nourishing .

I was very tired with a mega reactive skin ... so I took the soothing and anti-blemish serum to pamper my skin.


What is S5 ?

S5 is a range of cosmeceutical products certified organic.

S5 products are formulated with bioactive coming from the 5 most extreme ecosystems on the planet:

The Arctic, the desert, the Amazon rainforest, the highlands and the sea ...

Where plants must overcome extreme stress of their environment and adapt to survive.

That's the secret ... S5 composition hyper powerful natural ingredients that help the skin to defend and reverse the visible effects caused by stress.

S5 is the result of extensive research by experts in natural resources, dermatologists and scientists.

Their formulas are hypoallergenic and made from 100% natural active ingredients, parabens, SLS / SLES, DEA, mineral oil, silicone, propylene glycol, GMO and synthetic fragrances free.


How to use a serum S5?

Serum S5 can be layered or combined with another skin care.

In Thailand in the evening before going to bed, I combined the anti-imperfections and soothing serum.

In the morning, my skin was fresh and smooth ...

I particularly enjoyed their light and smooth texture penetrating quickly.

About the smell ... it is in the natural ... we like it or not ... by the way it fades very quickly, no need to make a big deal.


For whom is S5?

Sensitive skin, adult acne, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, extremely dry skin, oily skin, redness / rosacea, irritated skin, premature lines and wrinkles, loss of skin texture ... Each serum S5 responds to a specific problem.


How much does it cost?

55 € for 30ml

15€ for 10ml

Yes I know, it is not cheap ... but I give you two good reasons to try:

  • The bottle lasts a long time because it takes only a few drops.10ml version allows you to test the product for two to three weeks.

There's just one small downside: the packaging is very fragile to carry it away ... so I have protected with bubble wrap ...


Here, S5 is a pretty 100% organic discovery at the forefront of the latest scientific research.

Of course, come give us your impressions if you have already tested the brand S5, I'm curious to know your opinion!

For my part, very satisfying ...


Skincare on S5 is on www.moncornerbio.com

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  1. By Lov, le 16 March 2013 à 11h41

    J’ai besoin d’un soin hydratant, équilibrant, matifiant, anti-âge, avec une protection contre les UV…
    Pas facile de réunir tout cela en un flacon !
    Associer un sérum et une crème semble être la solution, non ?
    J’ai bien envie d’essayer ces sérums S5 à la compo irréprochable et je vais me laisser tenter avec la version 10 ml.
    Merci pour la découverte !