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Hair coloring with Alain Silvani

A coloring or a balayage is a real work of art.


The mastery of tints and the good balance of pigments are a whole art and it is comforting to entrust your head to a Maestro.

Alain is the third artist of the joyful band of the MMB’s and he is the Master of coloring.

He is going to estimate at first your wishes and your needs, get interested in your hair in a very holistic way. Then he will make you realistic and practicable proposals to emphasize your personality.


Alain attaches a big importance to your complexion, the color of your eyes, the length and the quality of your hair, your look, the season, your place and lifestyle (the light is not the same in Marseille or in Paris, in summer or in winter)

All these data are taken into account in the detailed study of your color.

The good news? He can even cut the hair to you.

Here are prices :

☆ Shampoo / Coloring / Care / Drying: 80€

☆ Shampoo / Coloring/ Care / Drying: 120 €

☆ Shampoo / Care / Cut / Coloring / Drying: 180€

☆ Balayage package / Shampoo / Care / Balayage / Drying : from 190€ (on estimate according to the length and the thickness)


To book an appointment or to ask for an estimate, you can directly contact Alain Silvani to 06 14 62 53 22


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