Soapwalla the best organic deodorant

Soapwalla the best organic deodorant

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A little test of organic and effective deodorant before the heat, no I am not ironic, it will soon be warm!? They are rare, however there are a few ... We have tested tons at MMB and we almost always been disappointed, the only one that got through our eyes is the Malin & Goetz we were talking about here, a must have. Today, a guest star Soapwalla organic deodorant another sweetness for your underarms to neutralize anything that might upset your delicate smell. Not easy to give it a crash test,  the temperatures are around 15 ° C max., For weeks. But Sunday, 14 April, 26 ° C to the counter, I leave with my baby and my stroller join my Jo who had organized a baby shower for my Loulou. Walking to Pantin through the heights of Ménilmontant 5.5 km ... I was too ambitious and I ended up in a taxi... I got lost on the way. In addition Jo is a bit our Nadine de R. she organizes us crazy parties but does not tolerate any deviation from the protocol, I do not see me arrive an hour late to the party of my son, no class! Here I justified my cab anyway it has his crash test my deodorant, hard walking in Ménilmontant, the heat and the fear to be knock by Nadine because of my delay, I sweated profusely. Verdict is as good as the top Malin, since I wear it every day and I can confirm its effectiveness. The Soapwalla cream deodorant applies with fingers, surprising at first, but that operation is not a problem after all. This all-natural based superfine vegetable powders, clays, essential oils of peppermint, tea tree and lavender that absorb moisture, inhibit bacteria and guarantee effective protection. It is guaranteed vegan and do not contain:
  • sodium lauryl sulfate
  • parabens
  • aggressive chemicals
  • petroleum
  • aluminum
is not tested on animals. Another nice product from NYC who keeps it's promises. It should still be noted that essential oils can be violent for sensitive skin for example Alexandra had to stop using it because it was too aggressive for her skin. For the more delicate skin it is recommended to use every other day. Available at Oh My Cream 3 rue de Tournon 75006 Paris and
publié le Monday 1 July 2013 Must-have
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  1. Helita, le 12 August 2013 à 15h17

    C’est marrant, je viens juste de me l’offrir!
    J’aime l’originalité de sa présentation, ça change un peu!
    Le parfum n’est pas ce que je préfère puisque je suis plutôt fan des odeurs connotées propre, florales ou poudrées mais est loin d’être dérangeante (je ne mets pas de déo pour me parfumer lol )
    J’attends de voir après ma journée de bureau suivie de séance de sport démoniaque du lundi et je vous dirai ce que je pense de son efficacité! 😉

  2. Emma, le 21 August 2013 à 12h38

    Moi ça fait presque 2 ans que je l’achète sur, les frais de port sont gratuits en plus….

  3. Sophie, le 9 January 2015 à 22h46

    Je suis également fan. Un an que je le porte. En général je le dilue avec un peu d’eau.