Suilo a super green shower gel

I had not planned to introduce the subject in this way , initially it was " cui-cui " the little birds , life is beautiful, I have a new shower gel called Suilo and it is the best.

In the meantime France 5 aired a hot story about shower gels that damaged our skin , while we believe with a licked marketing discourse that is the top. Of course , we do not panic , this info must be eaten sparingly and  dilutes the speech , the reality is probably less worse.

However, as the wolf is in the fold, it is a pleasure and more convinced that I present Suilo which means stream in Japanese but for me it is mostly a new great shower gel .

Found at  Oh My Cream , a few weeks ago , I first loved the concept of Seri Kimura to launch on the market a unique product. But especially Seri is a beautiful person , generous and passionate by ethical cosmetics.

She is an encyclopedia of the art of well-being , much like Chico Shigeta you had the opportunity to meet in this blog. Must be a Japanese specialty !

Suilo is hyper organic , hyper soft for the skin and super safe for the environment, so clean with a component that can be used from head to toe through the face.

Obviously it smell super good, the fine and invigorating smell of yuzu, the  citrus "à la mode" , energizes and dope us for the day . It leaves the skin fresh and soft , with  almost not need to follow by a  moisturizer .

Based on :

☼ Yuzu , used for its cleansing properties , it regulates sebum production and activates blood microcirculation , thus illuminating the dull and stressed skin .

☼ Hemp is rich in essential fatty acids ( Omega 3 and Omega 6) , it's composition , very close to natural skin lipids , guarantee rapid absorption and deep hydration . It harmonizes the complexion and restructures the cell membrane to a firmer and toned skin.

☼ Cinnamon , it preserves the youthfulness of the skin and fight against blemishes.

The good news Seri intends to expand the Suilo range  and I will tell you about it.

Good Easter weekend.

kiss kiss.

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