Summer eye liner inspiration

Summer eye liner inspiration

I hear you scream behind your screens:

- "Oh no not eyeliner, it is such a pain"

Do not leave Girls, stay screwed on  your screens, to follow summer style inspiration eye liner that I made for you, the color are ultra bright, saturated with pigment, which put us in a very good mood and it is super easy to apply... almost easy, but I explain well, you will see !!!

The eyeliner is not only a hyper graphic black line; it can also be considered in a fun way ...


For this first inspiration I drew eyeliner tone on tone with the skin, with the Festive Gold  pencil By Terry. To succeed your line the pencil must be well sharp, first follow the lash line, the line is thicker at the outer corner and will die in the inner corner. Allow the liner to go down in the bottom lashes to brighten the eyes.

I then circled the water line with a black pencil, let the black subtly melt  into the root of the top and bottom lashes to create a contrast with the bronze and spice up the color. I finished it with a layer of mascara volume Chanel  .


And if you wish to stretch slightly outward as on the picture, just use the line of bottom lashes that will give the way forward. Then you start to draw when the mine is located at the tip of the outer corner of the eye.

For this monochrome makeup, I stayed close to the bronze eye  makeup by applying the multiple Palm Beach by Nars  on the mouth and the maestro fusion  blush n°300  by Armani, two must-have always in my makeup artist kit.

makemybeauty -eyeliner

The reverse eyeliner, big trend view on the latest fashion shows, this one is super simple to make and we stay in  our summer spirit with this lagoons green turquoise .

I generously penciled the root of the bottom lashes with the pencil Aquamatic No. 20 by MakeUpForEver, going from the outer corner to the inner corner.

Then I blend the shadow  with the smudge brush Sephora I stretched towards the outer corner of the eye, leaving it slightly overflow into the root of the top lashes to accentuate the almond eyes of Maelys.

The big plus of this product when it dries it becomes waterproof, it is rather a good idea.

Again I created the contrast of black pencil circling the water line and drawing an ultra fine line in the root of the upper eyelashes and then ends with a layer of Chanel volume mascara.

On the cheeks and lips I still on the same basis as the first makeup.

makemybeauty - été- eyeliner

Achieving this "cat eye" eyeliner  is a bit more technical, but walk in my footsteps and you will succeed it.

I used a cream eyeliner applied with eyeliner brush. I love the creams because they are easy to use, extremely scalable and it does not move once dried.

For small tip the cream eyeliner can be use as an eye shadow, simply blend it with a brush or finger. It provides an  hyper intense makeup and rich color which can also overlap with other eyeshadow.

So how do we proceed to apply this wonderful Cobalt by Laura Mercier? First we relax the chakras it is better to be zen. Then have a big box of cotton swab because it is the makeup artist best friend and start by drawing the small outdoor comma.

♢ Made a landmark with the tip of the eyeliner where we wants to finish the line.

♢ Follow the line of the bottom lashes with the brush and you draw a line in continuity

♢ Draw a small line along the lash line on the last third outer of the eye.

♢ Reach the landmark and the line. Finally, start from the inner corner (where one has to start the feature depending on the form of the eye) to reach the line made in the outer.

it's clear? If  is not clear the best way is to train yourself.

I put on the lips the gloss Scandal by Urban Decay which is detonate with the blue and stayed silent on the cheeks with the blush always with Armani.

And if these colors are too bold for you, choose the wisest bronze, the copper are also beautiful summer colors.

But to show off  by the swimming-pool and be very stylish, be colorful, put nude away for  this summer.

To your brushes Girls.

I kiss you from my vacation.

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  1. YANELLA, le 28 July 2015 à 16h38

    Ravissant, par contre sur la 2nde photo (eye-liner inversé makeup for ever) quelle est la couleur du rouge a lèvre ?

  2. Anaïs Cassis Framboise, le 30 July 2015 à 20h01

    Très bonne idée d’article, je trouve que ça te vas très bien ! J’adore la version ton sur ton gold qui est super jolie et va vraiment bien avec ta peau.

  3. Nelly C., le 31 July 2015 à 16h42

    @Yanella c’est le même que sur la première photo, c’est le multiple Palm Beach de Nars qui est un produit génial et hyper pratique en été.
    Belles vacances Nelly

  4. Claire de, le 8 September 2015 à 21h00

    Super interessant vos articles, merci a vous !

  5. Maé, le 2 May 2017 à 21h26

    Super bon article, j’adore le festive gold. je suis métisse moi aussi et ayant la peau mat ça peut vraiment bien ressortir…à tenter samedi soir !