Super trident eyeliner

This is our favorite makeup product of the season, I named the  Super Méga Ultra eye liner trident! Yes ladies ... Not one, not two but three tip to draw your liner! So  ... ok ... I can see your smile ... I can already hear your famous "pfff ... they do not know what to invent ..." And I already read your doubts about the usefulness of this UFO makeup ... Well, I wonder why they had not make this liner earlier ! It is just perfect ! Perfect for a discrete line, inter-lashes  "deep lashes" effect ... Also perfect for those who have a small eyelid and no place for the classic line of eyeliner (because yes ladies you also you have the right to liner ...). Just make points between the lashes top and bottom .. and then suddenly with the three tips is super fast and super easy. . . Perfect also to draw a intense line in the lash and in the water line. . . And finally to draw the perfect real thick liner and why not make create a line of fake "eyelashes" like Alexa Chung for the last  Glamour ... or pretty model for the  campaign Cop-Copine .. .
On the pictures I use the tliner pointes triples Too Faced  has a nice glossy finish.
approx € 21 at Sephora. Bourjois and Clarins also released their trident eyeliner ! (23 € and 13 €)
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