The Clarisonic Plus to get the perfect body

We have been resisting with Alex until today. The Clarisonic we did not want to test it, too acclaimed too overused and more we have seen some clients that they were damaged their skin.

We are not big fan of scraping but rather pampering our delicate skin and we feel that the Clarisonic was hyped version of the Gratounette.

Well, we were a bit wrong, I tested it right now and I must admit the thing is pretty good. Obviously I use it in my own way, not any morning and night as recommended, once a week is more than enough for my sensitive skin. May be for oily skin more frequent use is appropriate.

Use it with foam or gel cleanser or cleansing milk, to gain a rosy complexion, silky skin and less imperfections ...

But where I prefer it is for the body because I have the Clarisonic Plus, a combined face and body.

The operation is a little long, if used on the entire body, but it's worth the trouble because the skin become shiny as a car passed the full car wash (washing, drying, waxing) ...

I use a shower gel or scrub for a deep cleansing. The skin is shiny and smooth with a gorgeous natural glow, you really feel the effectiveness of the Clarisonic, it seems to have destoyed the cellulite.

To tell you a secret, after having giving birt,  the skin of my belly has not resisted and ugly red stretch marks appeared. Goodbye bikini for life! The big bluff, I can not tell you which one (or perhaps both) repaired my skin but since I started using the Clarisonic and Biovergetures from Biotherm, I have almost no more strech mark, it's amazing !!??

I'd love to use it every day for a brighter smoother skin, better hydrated, less or no more cellulite and stretch marks, but unfortunately it is too long.

So MMB vote yes for the Clarisonic but sparingly on the face and on the body as you wish.

And you, what is your relationship with your Clarisonic?

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