The Laundress a detergent for my baby

Hey girls, now you know, I'm expecting a baby. I am very happy and excited to try new products.

But here I am very surprised that the kings of marketing cosmetics are not yet step into the breach of the lucrative market of the mother to be. As if they are all like me, we are willing to spend a few dollars to ease our aching body ...

I found a multiple choice of anti stretch marks cream and oil or gel for tired legs ... not very attractive the Eucerin, Mustela Jonctom ... but essential. Except that if you want to spread hype and glam I speak very soon about two pearls, ultra effective: Bloom & Blossom and Omum.

The funny thing is that both were offered me by mens.

Marketing guy when you will spread the market with the products that will pleased pregnant women? She could forget her Big Ben like body. When I will able to find the the spray that instantly deflates the breast, to be able to wear a strapless dress for the wedding of my girlfriend Alex, even 7 months pregnant??

But how come you did not created the skincare that make us overbuy, we are so ready.

In the meantime I over ready to spend few euros in body, baby clothes, Cashemere, bear ... but my girlfriend Emily watching me closely, she said:

- "Do not buy anything before 7 months of pregnancy, it is sin."

I still buy stuff secretely ... they are not too "cute" these small shoes ?!? I am looking for the same for his father and his grandfather, I think it will be super hype on the  family pictures ! All my boys in leopard print.

I found a trick to consume / spend / squander the inheritance of my child and my friend do not complain too much :  The Laundress Baby. ... detergent for the baby delicates clothes. Like his dad who has Denim Wash and her mom who has The Laundress & Le Labo (my perfume) I'd already talked about here and here. We will wash chic at MMB.

The Laundress Baby is for babiesclothes, it is soft to the skin of the child but effective on stains. Non-toxic, biodegradable and hypoallergenic. It also smell wonderful.

It is a folly , 25 € 1 liter bottle, but as it is archi concentrated  we used very little.

The Laundress is available in Nose, 20 rue Bachaumont, 75002, Paris.

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