The lip balm seen by the Guy of MecMyBeauty

The lip balm seen by the Guy of MecMyBeauty

Baumes à lèvres - carmex

The kissible lips

Well, my little darling we will have to talk about something very very important! It's almost spring. The period of aperitifs on the terrace with his / her fiancé (e) ... For singles, the same thing without the above (e) s fiancé (e) s. And then I say : Warning ! Attention to your lips. You must have soft lips, guys! There's no secret : you should "stickelèvrer" to death,  as my friend Lulu says.

So I thought, "Bibi, throw away your top three lip sticks"!

Classic option and not expensive but still chic : The Carmex

Before, it was classy because it was only available in New York in a small round jar, very beautiful. After it was classy because it was only available at Colette in a small round jar, very beautiful. Now it is found everywherein a small round jar blah ... But also mini tube and stick. I do not know if the stick is in Paris or just NY ... It smell like the Vicks. I love it. It is top repair, it does not shine. And it gives you  the lips of super kisseur. Personally, I avoid the little pot that always ends up with any dirty tricks that come out of my cigarettes ... Everyone does not travel around in Paris on a scooter with a bag (large bag) so it can stay clean. This is the real stick, that can go out at night without having the balls (I think of the rugby players who read this blog). You have to find a wild and manly poses when you place the tube on your lips.


Between 3 & 5 €

Option chic romantic Idratante Labbra - Santa Maria Novella

One of my favorite products from the world of the earth ... The madeleine of Proust who remember me Florence and this magic and outdated place: The Officina Profumo - Pharmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella. A pharmacy founded in 1612 still nestled in his home palace where time just stopped. You must go to Florence only to see this place ! It's just amazing. Many of their products (probably all) are bases of herbs and / or fragrant. I (re) starts not to rave about odors. So lip level, we must try the mini tube a little retro in its little cardboard box. The feeling is great and the moisturizing effect on the lips is immediate. Oh my recommandation smell the colognes ... I must l' Eau de Cologne. I love it ... It reminds me of someone very important ;-)

Idratante Labbra - Santa Maria Novella

I can not remember the price but it's cheap (like less than 10 €)

Option chic, I'm a billionaire: Lip Balm Crème de la Mer

One day when I was depressed, I walk to the Bon Marche (NEVER DO THIS!) And I paid a little stop at Crème de la Mer counter, The very best. Everything is done with stuff they collect at the bottom of the sea (marine & plant extracts actually) ... I have valued the price of cream all the girls (like Sharon Stone, Madonna, etc.) from Los Angeles love  ... I fell back on the little pot of lip balm! It costs € 52 ... No comment! Finally, if: it contains 9ml of balm so it cost you € 5778 per liter (I have not done the math, I can assure you ... There's the beauty nerd for that).

There, I said the class in Las Vegas. The thing is perfect. I love the act of unscrewing the little pot. The smell of sea salt ... you can heat it a fingertip before applying. And then, you have a kisseur lips!

Lip Balm - Crème de la Mer

€ 52

Of Course, you must assume all the gestures and the little pot or stick ... But sometimes the leg resting on my Vespa, I put the stick, I think it's cute, sexy and very manly a guy who likes to have soft lips. Above all, what better after the kiss heard 'Waooo ... That you lips soft! ".

I kissyou.

Ps: next time, I will be very virile, I'm talking about deodorant in spray (promised, the post is already written) that smells so good !

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  1. emma, le 27 April 2012 à 11h11 rentre de Rome ou il y a une boutique Santa Maria Novella. j’ai acheté le baume lèvres que je ne trouve pas exceptionnel au prix de 18 euros. Je préfère le baume Laura Mercier 21 euros quand meme mais plus efficace à mon gout.Sinon je trouve que le By terry est top mais beaucoup plus cher:Au plaisir de vous lire

  2. Luca, le 29 April 2012 à 14h17

    Pour 52€ le baume de la Mer est bien, mais pas hyper exceptionnel non plus. Il ne vaut absolument pas le Santa Maria Novella qui est la perfection des baumes à lèvres sur Terre, de mon point de vue.

    Sinon, pour moins cher et plus facilement disponible, celui de Kiehl’s en petit tube est efficace et il fait un peu briller les lèvres, c’est top sexy!

  3. Elise, le 9 June 2016 à 11h10

    Vous parlez du baume à lèvres Carmex, je l’ai découvert au États unis mais depuis je suis rentrée en France et ne sait pas comment m’en procurer.
    Avec vous connaissance d’une boutique qui en délivrerai? Ou d’un site qui livrerai en France?
    Merci 🙂

  4. Alexandra B., le 14 June 2016 à 11h32

    Essayez chez Colette