The narcissist in me

The narcissist in me

Le Narcisse de sigrid

Do not you find this series of portraits "The narcissist in me" of the young Swedish artist Sigrid Nathorst-Windahl absolutely lovely? I find it delightful .. . Her work is a mixture of photography, drawing and makeup. The starting point : her face, that she is paiting  in white, and she draws hair, body and background.
Her idea was to portray people who has inspired her. . Guess by whom the talented Sigrid was inspired  in the portray below? Leave your answers in the comments. . If you want to buy  one of her beautiful paintings it is here:
publié le Friday 4 November 2011 Bonnes adresses, Our Good Adresses, Trends
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  1. Chris O, le 20 November 2011 à 21h01

    J’adore le David BOWIE et Jacky O Et toi ?

  2. Nelly C., le 21 November 2011 à 09h37

    Moi j’aime bcp la Queen et David Bowie.

  3. Line, le 28 July 2012 à 21h54