The Necessary of Beauty, Serge Lutens

httpvh:// Third and final opus in our week dedicated to Serge Lutens : Le Nécessaire de Beauté. . A line of makeup simple and confidential, captured in dark lacquered boxes providing the essential. No frills, no excess, Le Nécessaire de Beauté is haute couture minimalist. Again, Serge Lutens has left nothing to chance, everything has been thought: - Luxurious and functional boxes are rechargeable - Formulas are innovative, soft, bright, intense - The names are evocative and poetic, " Mauve de Swann ", "Mise à Mort",  "Quant à soi",... bring us into the universe by Serge Lutens. We had the pleasure of playing around with Le Nécessaire de Beauté. We played the game and use only products available to us: - "Quant à soi" : make-up base, prepares and smooths the skin - Kohl Eye Liner: versatile balm, the same finish as mine of an eye pencil softens with  the light bulb but more comfortable - Mascara "Oeil pour Oeil", curls and curve intensely - Blush, versatile Modeler - Ink Lip "Safran", subtly shade the lips, can be used on the eyelids - Lipstick "Mise à Mort" mini format ideal for the bag and the application . For my part I decided to make a smoky as a Mata Hari, the texture of Kohl Eye Liner makes me immediately  want to dip my finger and apply the kohl roughly as before. Then I enhanced the color of my cheeks with the Blush and those of my lips with the Ink "Safran". . Alexandra opted for a trendy look that can be observed in many campaigns this season. She intensified her pretty eyes with a very graphic black, with Kohl Eye Liner, shaded her cheeks with the Blush and her lips with lipstick "killing". . Le Nécessaire de Beauté is available at: Palais Royal - Serge Lutens, 142 Galerie de Valois, 75001 Paris Le Bon Marché Printemps Haussmann . A big Thank You to "Pygmy Johnson" to let us use their beautiful song "No Room". In live on September 23rd at Barbara Fleury 1, rue de Fleury Paris 75018 à 20h / Free entrance    
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