The power of ass’s milk

These products I have chosen at first for me, not that the trip "Cleopatra" to soak in my butt in ass's milk makes me crazy, I'm much more fascinated by her makeup (the one of Elizabeth T. of course) and her destiny (that of the real one) by its famous baths.

But I have recently fallen for the beautiful range of Essena mainly composed of ass's milk !!!

I loved it so much that this is my baby Loujani is who use it today. The formulas are clean and green, the scent is more suitable for the skin of my divine child that to his mother which is wearing perfume like a "cocotte".

For those who are in a panic after reading the article in 60 millions de consommateurs relating a long list of baby care products should be avoided, you will see this post is perfectly scheduled  !!!

What is scary is that even Weleda and Cattier are singled out ... It became the jungle in baby cosmetics.

Therefore, since the arrival of my little boy I am desperately in search of  THE baby care products with safe and  simple formulas for his cashmere skin. Not always easy to find even though I've already talked to a lot of nice brands with an ethical : Dr Brooner's, Virginale, Bloom&Blossom, Chico Shigeta, Erbaviva,..

I continue today with a new big crush for  Essena ...

The Loujani's routine is slow cosmetic that is to say less but better ... Basically I clean, I moisturize  but only when his skin need it and finally I heal when it tingles.

At the moment I washed with the Soin Douche Hydratant Apaisant, smelling baby divinely good  and leaves skin silky so I hydrate just for the pleasure of the massage.

This shower gel is made with ass's milk  rich in omega / vitamins and royal jelly ... Perfect for sensitive skin, dry, reactive, prone to eczema, psoriasis or acne.

I sometimes use the soin corps to moisturize, the non-greasy texture penetrates easily, smells as well very good. Same formulation as shower gel + shea butter .

Everything is organic and natural.


- paraben

- Mineral oil

- silicone

- dye

- phenoxyethanol

I reassure the PETA that could be outraged by exploitation of she-ass for cosmetic purposes: they live at 900 meters altitude in an idyllic setting near the Swiss mountains, and are treated with the utmost respect. Essena is a brand with a great philosophy full of respect for her animals, the environment and the formulation of its products ...

A real back to basics, and that's cool.

MMB is always in the research of nice safe brands for our baby, so do not hesitate to share your findings!

Have a beautiful day!

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