The sanded Makeup Nude for AF Vandervorst's show

The sanded Makeup Nude for AF Vandervorst’s show

My Beauty Backstage chez A.F. Vandevorst

Nude makeup, still and still nude makeup ... Yes but last evening, the one for AF Vandevorst's show had the merit of being different! A new material was used: the sand!

Surprising? Not so much ... finally what else is better than the sand to illustrate the warmth and sun of spring-summer 2014?

And personally, I've always found that sand sticked to the skin was super sensual ... not you?

So Me, I am super ok with this nude realised by the makeup artist  Inge Grognard. But how Inge reproduce the plumpy effect of a skin full of water and sun? And this sand, how did she managed to drop it as evenly on the face?

Patience ... A video is coming soon to share with you the beauty secrets for  AF Vandervorst's backstage... I'm really excited that you could see it, I'm sure you will loved it!

In the meantime, here are some pictures ...

Good weekend to all ... And rendez-vous Monday for the rest of our fashion week;)

publié le Sunday 22 September 2013 My Beauty Backstage