The Sephora smart products

The Sephora smart products

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At Sephora, they are super clever to glean good ideas !

Recently I spotted two little fantasies that I will no longer need to bring back from my travels:

Makeup remover swab, all makeup artist knows it, real allies to correct an eyeliner who goes out of control, a smoky who leak or crooked mouth.

Ideal to correct the makeup in the mirror of the car or mini compact mirror in the subway ...

Practical and smart, this swab features a cleansing formula that is released with a scored tip.

A makeup remover "on the go" to carry around for easy makeup retouch. It eliminates traces of makeup, even waterproof.

It contains HydroSenn + TM, an ultra moisturizing active, and cornflower extract for gentle action on the delicate skin around the eye.


☆ The scented nail polish, discovered last year at Revlon on the shelf of Boots, I found the idea fun.

This year, they are available in a duo version  at Sephora in limited edition

4 pop colors/ 4 scents: orange, pineapple, grapefruit, raspberry

+ A glittery top coat.

I tested the orange ...

I was suspicious of these synthetic scents because I was freaking to have glued Air Wick to my fingertips ... but I was pleased to see that the fragrance is not bad.

Attention, as always stinks nail polish at the application, but after drying, magic, magic ... perfume turns on !

Pretty heady at first, it fades after a few hours, and finally no longer smell the next day.

Teenagers will love it.

publié le Saturday 23 February 2013 My Beauty Tests, Tips & Tricks
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  1. Sophie, le 23 February 2013 à 14h21

    J’adoore ces cotons tiges! Je les veux! Ils ont l’air très pratique… Mais ils coutent combien? Dans quel sephora les as tu repéré car je les ai pas vu sur le site internet…

  2. la julie rose, le 23 February 2013 à 16h42

    je crois que moi aussi je vais aimer le vernis….

  3. joh, le 23 February 2013 à 18h46

    Ai testé les cotons tiges malins de Sephora et effectivement ils sont super!

  4. Dounia, le 26 February 2013 à 08h39

    Super idée ces cotons tiges !