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It's been a while since I have not come to do my columnist job at MMB ... but that's it, I finally decided to talk about the Tokio care I have been experimented for several months and I am addicted to it.

Then the Tokio care, What is it?

This is a Japanese high technology professional care for the hair: a pure joy, and especially your hair will tell you ... THANK YOU!

Launched  in France in October 2013, it is available  at the salon "en aparté" by David Lucas  in Paris, who has the good taste to be both great and 2 steps away from my office! Appointments made during my lunch break, I ram delighted of that good time ...

The lounge is beautiful and brand new because, for those who know him, David has moved in there some months from the 2nd to 3rd floor of 20 rue Danielle Casanova, in a space of 150 m2 very modern and sleek.

The staff are lovely and very caring and hairdressers all look young Greek gods, which does not hurt the overview!

I get it to settle downat the  tray, legs extended on a delightfully massage chair and the hair care begins: The process is divided into several steps and takes about 30 minutes.


After a purifying shampoo, TOKIO 1 application : spray on the whole hair: association of natural keratin & amino acids that deeply moisturizes and greatly improves the strength and consistency of the hair.

Then, application of TOKIO 2 with laying 10 minutes under a plastic cap diffusing steam to increase the penetration of active ingredients: heavy cream, also composed of keratin and amino acids, but also meadowfoam and fullerene. This last ingredient is a revolutionary molecule incredible penetrating power that allows keratin and other elements to reach the heart of the hair. This step is intended to sheathe the hair while providing flexibility and shine.

Plastic cap once removed, is superposed  TOKIO 3 cream for a powerful healing effect, and optimizes the hair resistance and facilitates detangling.

Then fast mild shampoo and finish with  TOKIO 4- I spare you this time the technical list of ingredients because what we really wanted to hear was that: it moisturizes, repairs it, it protects and shines!

O joy, I have a massage of the head, to top it all, and I finish with styling, which closes the care by closing the cuticles to better imprison these wonderful active ingredients inside the hair while making it wonderful to the outside!


I said that this care is beneficial for all types of hair No need to wait to have a bloodless haystack on your head!

I love it,  the feeling is very soft and the density is significantly improved, the hair are shiny and the effects last long: It last for several weeks several even several months!

Salon David Lucas « en apparté »

Tokio Inkarami

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