Treat, revive, protect and dry softly...

Treat, revive, protect and dry softly…

routine capillaire
During the summer, the sun, sea and chlorine from the pool did not mix well with the hair and scalp ... The hair is then thirsty, dry, dehydrated ... and the color is all washed out ... A boost is needed for a smooth return from holidays ? I have a cure for you, tested, approved and recommended by my hairdressers and colorists friends: 1 - Treat deeply with an oil bath. 2 - Revive the color carefully with a pigmented hair care without oxidizing or ammonia. 3 - Protect the hair fiber with a cream or a serum. 4 - Dry gently with a diffuser . . . . . . . . . . ;. . .. . . .. . . 1 - Treat deeply with an oil bath. The oil bath is to coat the hair with vegetable oil before shampoo. Especially recommended for repair split ends,very dry hair, brittle and damaged. It is BEFORE shampoo on wet hair. Apply oil to the scalp, lengths and ends ... hair must be completely covered and soaked but nothing is flowing. Then wrap the hair with a damp towel and warm (previously heated in the microwave) and let rest at least 15 minutes. And finally proceed to shampoo foam well ... two shampoos are needed to rid the hair from greasy residue. This ritual can be done 2-4 times per month. My choice: Magic Elixir de Kiell's perfect to balance and treat hair and scalp. L'huile d'amande de Vatika ... from my trip to Oman ... it feels divinely good, Omani women use to treat their long and beautiful hair. L'huile de Karité de MGC effective for ultra dry hair. . 2 - Revive the color carefully with a pigmented hair care without oxidizing or ammonia. Colored hair, bleached or highlighted tend to tarnish over days, especially after a sunny summer ... To restore their shine you can use a treatment to revive the color. This treatment applies to towel-dried hair, leave on for 5 minutes then rinse ... of course wear gloves during application to not get your hands dirty. This ritual can be done 2-4 times per month. My choice of color brightener Soin raviveur de couleur express de Phyto ... a best that is available in 5 colors ... hazelnut, copper, gold, platinum and chocolate. . 3 - Protect the hair fiber with a cream or a serum. These treatments are used to strengthen, densify and hydrate the hair daily. They apply to clean, damp hair just before drying. My Choice: Strengtening and hydrating hair oil-in-cream de Kiehl's  silicone or parabens free for very dry and damaged hair Sérum revitalisant anti-âge Phyto which applies on the scalp AND lengths. . 4 - Dry gently with a diffuser This is what is more gentle on hair ... The diffuser is equipped with small holes that reduce the airflow, which allows you to make the volume and make pretty waves / curls, but not  to "inflate" or "frizzy" hair. This ritual can be done ... whenever you have to dry your hair ... in fact .... You can find diffusers that fit any dryer like I showed you in the picture, sock-shaped ... it is super simple, super light, super convenient .... If I remember correctly, I bought it at Delorme ...
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  1. delarue, le 25 August 2012 à 10h15

    merci pour toutes ces infos. Je suis très intéressée par le diffuseur malheureusement je ne l’ai pas trouvé sur le site internet de Delorme. pouvez-vous me donner les références exactes. merci d’avance et continuez, votre blog est super!!

  2. Mitsouko, le 26 August 2012 à 14h51

    En ce qui concerne l’huile j’avais donc tout faux.. Je l’appliquais sur cheveux secs. Cela ne pénétrait pas beaucoup la fibre capillaire, la serviette devait pas mal l’absorber et puis le résultat n’était vraiment pas là.
    Je vien d’essayer sur cheveux humides et ça change tout!!

    Merci beaucoup pour vos conseils. Je vais pouvoir finir l’huile de palme Léonor Greyl qui dormait un peu sur mes étagères.

  3. Alexandra B., le 26 August 2012 à 15h45

    Effectivement, il ne semble pas se trouver sur le site… perso je l’avais acheté directement en boutique, metro Strasbourg saint denis à Paris… peut être pouvez vous appeler la boutique pour leur demander? C’est un diffuseur mou en forme de chaussette…

    Effectivement, le bain d’huile sur cheveux humides ça change tout…
    Merci de nous avoir relaté votre expérience!
    Bon week end!

  4. Nelly C., le 29 August 2012 à 12h37

    Eh bien moi aussi j’applique l’huile sur cheveux secs, merci pour cette précieuse info Alex. Bises

  5. Anais GKhair, le 26 October 2012 à 11h33

    J’adore ton article !
    J’ai les cheveux secs, bouclés et colorés. De l’huile au diffuseur en passant par des shampoings protecteurs de couleurs… Mes cheveux se reconnaissent et te disent merci.

  6. Christine, le 17 March 2015 à 19h28

    Je recommande Pro Naturals