Charlize Theron look in Snow White

It all started a month ago when I discovered the movie poster "Snow White and the Hunter" with gorgeous Charlize in the wicked Queen ... Waououuu ... sublime and dark Charlize ... I love ... Since, I had one idea in my mind ... Repeat the same look! On me ? Surely not ... Only one girl could be perfect for this ... Pretty Mathilde from the blog La hVie en Blonde!! Challenge number one : propose to Mathilde to be our model the time of a video. Challenge # 2:  call our bests friends Christophe to remake the superb crown of braids, and Julie for making the film. Challenge # 3: Ask Lisa's  from the blog MakeMyLemonade to create the Queen's collar. Challenge No. 4: Use only RIMMEL products  to create the Makeup. I love the Challenges ... We  love the challenges!! Here are the results on video ... bluffing is to be mistaken ... Charlize, out of this body! thank you to Mathide de la Vie en Blonde who agreed to play the game Christopher Martinez for his talents as a hairstylist. Julie Berranger, la femme orchestre, who made the video. Lisa from the blog MakeMyLemonade for her lace collar absolutely superb. RIMMEL for their great products and We Are Enfant Terrible  to let us use their music,  we love them ! Song: Slice of Lif!/waet/e
publié le Monday 30 July 2012 Videos
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