Violent Lips

Violent Lips

violent lips
. I write this brief post by having a special thought for the girls of the blog The French Beauty Club and especially for Jeanne. . Lately you may have read in MMB a post Animals Lipstick that I discovered on the blog TFBC and made ??me completely cracked. . In this post I was talking about the lip art and this time it is the girls from TFBC who loved it. . Today I discovered on the site Violent Lips,  lip tattoos that look like very much as the lip art. . I really want to order some, I am sure to find a volunteer from the extreme to lend me her mouth. And then all the sudden I have a thought for our dear Vanessa always ready to devote herself to change the "science"! . Where to buy it ? Their Price ? About 11 € httpvh:// .
publié le Monday 16 May 2011 My Beauty Session, Trends
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  1. Luna, le 13 May 2011 à 10h38

    Je me dévoue quand tu veux aussi ^^

  2. vanessa P., le 13 May 2011 à 12h42

    ok suis volontaire !!

  3. Bibi, le 13 May 2011 à 12h55

    moi aussi!!!

  4. Elisabeth, le 13 May 2011 à 14h53

    Je suis prête à l’essayer quand tu veux!!!

  5. Alexandra B., le 13 May 2011 à 15h04

    Moi moi aussiiii!
    La team lip art, yeah!

  6. Nelly C., le 13 May 2011 à 21h55

    Bon et bien j’ai compris les filles il y a plus qu’à organiser une lip tatoo party!!!

  7. Bibi, le 14 May 2011 à 10h28

    je crois que j’ai une idée de lieu pour la “lip tattoo

  8. Nelly C., le 14 May 2011 à 13h08

    J’y avais déjà bien pensé 😉