We make the temperature go up

It's true the subjects of Valentine's Day, it is Alex's job, I am globally intolerant to these mushy things.

Although if my man (that I don't have "yet") told me:

- "Darling on February 14th it is open bar place Vendôme"

I would gladly sacrifice myself on the altar of the mushy things, to make me offer some carats.

One has to note that my trip at the jewelers is not for this year.

Alex friendly invited me to the festivities, she wished this Valentine's Day generous and smart and I planned it funky and decadent but we agreed both: it was necessary to spoil you.

Thus we began on Tuesday with La Bouche Rouge, tomorrow we''ll give you this fabulous lipstick's winner's name ... once again fabulous Alex raised the challenge to make up my lips in vermilion and I loved it, it is a real man magnet this thing.

This second round we wanted it hot and sexy and to make rise the temperature, we were at our friends of Dollhouse to find bawdiness.

♥︎ To cheer up the evening in a non Catholic way, you are suggested to slide you in the harness thong by Maison Close.

The thing is versatile to carry all in one piece: the neck set with the choker nicely bound up to the thong where each can take the independence at your convenience. But especially the attractive lace of the thong holds secretly a buttoning, to undo until the red rises to the cheeks.

? It's sure that this crazy stuff will shred the ice  ?


♥︎ This Maze Whip Chocke By Bijoux Indiscrets will never be vulgar in your dress' décolleté however it clearly announces the night's direction. In the bared intimacy of any cloth we know of what we'll make this 14 february crispy.

We love the 100% vegan leather, personally I would gladly wear it in town without necessarily roll in the luxury.


♥︎ In  case you you don't have all the cursors totally crazed yet, we propose you a disreputable body/body with this heating and edible mojito flavored Exsense Massage Oil. To massage without moderation wherever you like to awaken the senses and savor if you want!!!

Then if this "naughty" set specially prepared by Dollhouse for the MMB pleases you, then well it is gifted.

To play, it is simple, it is enough to leave us a few words in the comments below, and to tell us what you envisage as bawdinesses for the Valentine's Day.

We shall select our favorite answer, the one who will have the most made us cry, sing, laugh,dream ... And the winner will be announced right here on February 11th.







Because other surprises are yet to come!

Here is how I imagine the Valentine's day, rather porno chic than naive mushy, what about you ??

If the concept of man-magnet intrigues you, I would love to meet you this saturday 10th february from 4PM TO 6PM at the Dollhouse shop for a red mouth tutorial.

Dollhouse, 24 rue du Roi de Sicile, 75004 Paris , one of the most beautiful lingerie shop in the capital. 

Congrats to Eveline (10 février à 16h25 comment ) !!!

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