Welcome to Princess Léa!


Girls I am back! And for those who do not know, I announce the arrival of my princess Lea born  just a month ago! I'm so in love with my Lea ... And most importantly, I am so full filled to be her mom!

Since a month I pamper and leave after the rhythm of my beautiful doll ... Nap, hugs , diapers and bottles ... I  decided to write again, before to be fully able to take my brushes ...

By the way , I do not worry , I know that in the meantime , Nelly is  firmly hold the reins of the blog and our beauty business !

For the record , when Nelly and I started MakeMyBeauty there is four years ago , we had plenty of professional projects in common, but also more personal projects because we wanted to have a baby , respectively ... Off as you know , it is not always easy to reconcile both , especially for a woman ...

Able to make baby peace of mind was thus one of the reasons why we are associated us! We knew that when one of us will be busy taking care of her baby born , the other would take care of the business!

So girls, little tip : if you plan to create such a business, you must find a great  partner! Because we are stronger and more productive when we are two!

 I wish you all a great week and come back ASAP to talk about a brand of post pregnancy product hyper great that I am trying at the moment .

In the meantime, I invite you to visit the pretty website pretty émoi émoi to read my beauty secrets of the past nine months pregnancy ... An interview with me the day before I gave birth to Léa, crazy  ...

Table lamp  liberty plum Voilà ma maison

Liberty Cat liberty Petit Bateau

Liberty Rabbit Trousselier

Bow pink socks Baberoo

Bib embroidered by a friend ...

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