What 's new for beautiful complexion

What ‘s new for beautiful complexion


Another delight and enjoyment of the season, each collection we are amazed by the ability of the brands to invent or reinvent new products.

Sometimes useless, but often hyper technological, mostly we enjoy these new developments that make us beautiful as a magic wand.

In the makeup creation the more difficult to achieve is the complexion, even if we find on the market a great effective choice, the question remain  "which one should I choose?", because the offer is vast.

Obviously I have no universal answer as a foundation product is chosen according the quality of skin, the finish that you wish and the ability to apprehend it.

But one thing is certain, you must not kidding in choosing its color at the risk of turning "Cannoise" or "Geisha on  pollution."

The golden rule: it must be tested on the face and do not hesitate to check it in different lights, as we know, in the shops light is desperately poor.

Even  it's complicated to advise about foundation , I have here 3 gems, that you should love it.

To tell you the truth when I discovered the Miracle Cushion on Korean websites I laugh loud, thinking:

"Here's a good idea to kill our carbon footprint !!!"

I still had the curiosity to test when  Lancôme launched it and the stuff is perfect, I loved it.

Super convenient that fluid in a compact, portable becomes trapped in his sponge, we can slip it in the bag and take it kicked in for a late retouching and that's great for us who are away all day.

It perfectly unifies the complexion leaving it cheer, bright and satin. It brings just the right amount of coverage with a soft focus finish. The reflecting pigments smoothes imperfections and refines skin texture.

Its plus ☞ its SPF 23 and its formula that moisturize the skin, acts on the dark spots and wrinkle.

The application must be done with a sponge, my makeup artist requirements did not appreciate  the one in the box, so I use the Beauty Blender and the result is fantastic.

The Miracle Cushion is perfect to make a quick and glowing complexion, without neglecting how much it is practical.

My second must-have this season is already "sold out" in Japan, this is the first makeup product created by our Dear Chico Shigeta and if it is signed Chico, we already know that this is gone be perfect .

This BB cream is sublime, it smells divinely good, made a light complexion and a radiant skin. Again soft focus finish, the product infuses the skin tone, pigments smooth imperfections and even the skin tone.

As it is a BB has all the advantages of a skin care also, not necessary to apply a moisturizer and because it is Shigeta's the formulation is super green so it is super safe for the skin.

It deeply moisturizes, protects from pollution, has anti-aging formula and contains SPF32.

Can be applied with  the finger or Beauty Blender, for a gently luminous complexion but especially not mirrorball I first applied the primer in touch  or on the entire face.

The trick to succumb to the trend of contouring but  not like Kim Kardashian, use two shades  to create shadow  and light.

Nude Air it's name already gives us the "LA", lightweight, imperceptible, invisible. It's the new Dior makeup serum with a nude  effect, but contains corrective pigments that sublimate the skin and infuse a perfect veil.

The hybrid texture somewhat surprising by it's oily hand,  evaporates on the skin and leave only which is needed  for a light complexion. Please note the mat finish can show the imperfections of a dehydrated or dry skin.

I apply it with  finger or  Beauty Blender for more coverage I build it up.

Here is the art of a nice complexion in a few bottles, for you to choose the one that best suits you.

Have a beautiful weeks Girls.

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publié le Monday 30 March 2015 Must-have, My Beauty Tests
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  1. misses hippies, le 13 April 2015 à 14h14

    Grande testeuse de produits, j’adore les articles comme ça! se sont d’excellents conseils et idées merci beaucoup !

  2. Sophie, le 21 April 2015 à 23h35


    Quelle est la différence du Nude Air de Dior avec le Maestro de Armani en termes de couvrance, texture, tenue, …?


    Et j’aime toujours autant vos articles même si je commente moins 🙂

  3. Emeline, le 20 July 2016 à 01h16

    Im a huge fan already, man. Youve done a brilliant job making sure that people unnarstedd where youre coming from. And let me tell you, I get it. Great stuff and I cant wait to read more of your blogs. What youve got to say is important and needs to be read.

  4. LN, le 14 February 2017 à 18h33

    Bonjour, existe t il un équivalent en texture au nude air, mais sans l effet mat, j apprécie la légèreté de la couvrance de ce type d fond de teint mais aimerait trouver un fond de teint plus “glowy”. Mon miracle de lacome vient de se terminer et je ne sais pas vers quoi me tourner… Et même avec votre tip du embryolise que j ai de suite teste… je trouve que ça manque de glowy(!) merci…

  5. Nelly C., le 12 March 2017 à 11h30

    Bonjour Hélène, le Maestro Glow d’Armani est top, texture aérienne et transparente avec un joli glow subtil.
    j’en avais parlé dans ce billet :

    vous le trouverez dans le lien suivant:
    Belle journée