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Girls! summer holiday are over already ... Do not be sad because the good news is that: 1 In MakeMyBeauty we decided to be super happy and take everything in a hyper positive way, because it's better for the complexion ... 2 We have a lots of great new products to introduce to you! So what's new for this fall? ❤︎ Already, for those who have not noticed yet, Dolce & Gabbana launched Aurealux and Essential, two lines of skincare that are responsible for illuminating the skin with a combination of olive oil (ah the Sicily!), B3 vitamins and extract of golden silk ... La classe, no? Cream, serum, lotion, cleanser, eye gel ... Nelly is testing some  right now and she is crazy about it, glowing skin guaranteed. Galeries Lafayette exclusivity. . ❤︎ Our friends  Stri Vectin are launching their new line LABS that contains a magical  Glycoliqu peeling must be used right away after your back from holiday! It's two step formula helps tighten pores and refine skin texture in 5 minutes. Hyper easy to apply and the result is stunning, even for sensitive skin! We love, we love, we love it ... Available at Sephora, of course ... . ❤︎ We love the super hype selection by Oh My Cream girls, including a very promising  new brand which is called Grown Alchemist, ultra-clean formulas without lauryl sulfate, glycols, silicones, parabens or artificial colors ... For my part, I am a fan of very sleek packaging makes me think of Aesop ... As we are away for a short vacation, Nelly and I take the opportunity to test their Travel Kit .... I can tell you that I am already a fan of  the Gentle Toner & Gel Cleanser with a sweet rose smelling ... but not only ! Oh my Cream exclusivity. ❤︎ And finally, to talk a little bit about makeup, Shu Uemura has revolutionized the design of eyebrows with their new waterproof inks that allow in a few steps to give body  to the poorest eyebrows ... We tested them for several months at MMB we can not do without it. Available in mid-September in the Shu Uemura boutiques and on the web site. . This is only an overview of the first products of this fall  season that we loved, do not worry we'll probably come back in more detail about some of them ... And also publish more post promised;) Meanwhile, smile! It's so good for the mood! Love!  
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