When life is not a bed of roses…

Life is not always a bed of roses, when the ball of shit tingles the good mood, it necessarily blurs the complexion.

For the little secret: this summer I made the big decision to being single again ... As you can imagine, this is unfortunately not without consequences, but I'll spare you the details.

So small worries of everyday life have become real torments seriously shaking my sleep: I wake up as if I had spent 3/4 of my night at Le Baron ... Except that it was much less fun.

But remember, I'm a MakeMyBeauty's in my DNA is engraved: "Hyper Super Happy Positvity" so I stay cool!

As for my tired face, I still have some treasures in my beauty guru's  purse to relax and smooth my face.

I am perhaps not the only one,  then to follow  my secrets:

☆ I begin by lighting candles, right now I have a huge crush on Résine  and Hiver  by Diptyque I turn in simultaneous. The combination of the two fragrances diffuse a comforting scent that I love, which perfumes the room and that puts me in a zen mood. Big MustHave but unfortunately it is a limited edition for Christmas, so be fast!

☆ I prepare a cup of herbal tea  Tisane des Rêveurs, just to appease my chakras and, perhaps, consider a good night ... It has a delicious and subtle taste that relaxes and makes you want to go to bed !!!

I have obviously not choose it by chance: it is organic, packaged in an attractive wooden box and for me the pleasure of the eyes is as important as taste. But because Beauty Garden as a beautiful ethics that makes you want to eat with pleasure

☕︎ packaging are processed and manufactured in France using original french materials. All with wood certified PEFC natural labels, recycled paper and natural inks.

☕︎ biodegradable raw materials

☕︎ plants and vegetables adapted to the soil and climate

☕︎ plants and vegetables watered only with rainwater.

☕︎ Beauty Garden packages are shipped by local company adapted Casem,  employing workers with disabilities.

☕︎ in the garden, there is an "insect hotel" currently hosting ladybugs that repel aphids from the garden. No need for pesticides!

An "insect hotel", it's not that cute ??.

☆ Then when I feel numbness over me, I slip on my eyes the silk mask Sleep'n Beauty to soothe and protect my eyes. I already told you about the Sleep'n'Beauty pillowcase   that I loved it so much, well I love it just as much, I feel like an Elizabeth Taylor.

The virtues of mulberry silk? It preserves the smooth contour of the eye! And, thanks to the 18 amino acids and proteins that compose it, it will greatly increase the action of skincare, prevent the appearance of wrinkles, protect the skin and eyelashes.

The feel of silk against the skin is so delicious!


☆ And in case I wake up terrible, I have the ultimate weapon: the Slim Cera the bad look killer. It smooth the features thanks to its 5 wheels and various minerals that massage, stimulate, revitalize muscles, improves hydration and protects skin aging but also refines skin texture and eliminate impurities. A real facelift in 3 minutes.

It seems must be used 3 times a day, but as I am bad student, it is when the warnings of my reflection are in critical zone ... and it works super well already.

Use a clean face and before skincare ... But careful do not use like a gross it may damage the tissues!


Life is too short, always choose happiness ... and good products!

aha ahahaha ....

la vie n'est pas un long fleuve tranquille

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