Another little post with a nice surprise, on condition that you read until the end !!!

Today, several gift ideas more centered on the care, everything that we love to use after a work-out (or not) to pamper our body.

If you don't read or follow us on the social media, you know that we don't joke around with self care products that we use and that we recommend to you. We clearly prefer safe and clean formulas for our skin and for our environment, without being the ayatollahs of Organic.

The good cosmetic, is one of an healthy epidermis' secrets. There are brands that we deeply cherish LodesseMax and Me, De Mamiel, Mel Millis and more. For few, we already talked about them on the blog and for the others, we promise that we'll talk about them in January.

❤️ The Ren's Atlantic Kelp range

To slide into your wish list without hesitation, the WHOLE Ren Atlantic Kelp body line is bomb ! We don't often talk about this brand but it is really nice.

The Atlatic Kelp is charged of magnesium, essential oils, seaweed, plankton, ..

The combo of these ingredients contribute to relax and relieve tired muscles, also bring an energy regain.

Of course each product does its job perfectly, we're in love :

The bath oil deeply relaxes, leaves a soft and hydrated with a delicate scent.

-The scrub gently exfoliates, smooths the skin and leaves it soft and hydrated skin thanks to the micro seaweed oils.

- The duo of Hand wash and Hand lotion, one cleans, eliminates all the germs and the other hydrates, nourishes in deep, a must-have during this freezing period.

This line is top, it has been declined in a Xmas holiday version, in nice boxes or in travel friendly size.

Bu the way, it also works on the "Lazzzzziiies" !!!

❤️ A vegetable face cleanser

You saw it, we are doing the resistance to not enter the "club of bitches" that run into the yoga classes with their ecologic plastic mat, their green juice and kale chips for lunch.

Here, we are going to get caught because we're cracking for a californian self care brand, which is green, formulated by veggies. If it's not the winning trio of the bobo/ macrobiotic !

The Youth to the People, we discovered them a long time ago at our friends' place, Nubio, so it was a huge surprise to seeing the brand show up at Sephora France.

We love the Age Prevention Superfood Cleanser, a makeup remover made from kale, spinach and green tea, the superfood for a surgical cleanse.

It eliminates makeup (a apart from the eyes), gets the skin rid of impurities and pollution, leaving the skin clean, soft and fresh.

Personally, I use a mini pomp under the shower after the sport to softly clean the skin. We like the look of this product and we think it's lovely to slide it underneath the Xmas tree.

❤️A soft multi-purpose balm

Again a mini sweetness to add to our wish list, the "feel good" little gift that is perfect for the season, the Lanolips balms.

 They are super cute in their packaging, available in many versions : tinted, scented and/or with an SPF.

Our favorite, Multi purpose super balm, multi-functions, it repairs damaged lips, dry elbows, the cuticles..Its formula is simple and natural.

❤️ Non chemical shower gels

We wanted to talk to you about Bastide, a resuscitated brand by Fréderic Fekkai, that allies authenticity and artisanal expertise.

Personally, we like the Shower gels, their scent is delicious, their composition isn't chemical, there's made in the artisanal way in small batches, in Provence, France. In bonus, they cleanse the skin with softness and leave it beautifully silky.

Obviously, you can't offer them to your cantankerous step-mother or your freshly arrived step-sister, at the risk of grazing the diplomatic incident. But don't worry, there are many other cute little things to put in the Xmas socks !

❤️ The "feel good" infusions

Perfect to sip near the fire or after a day at the winter sports, but also an easy gift when you're out of ideas. We love the limited edition of Natura Fusion, the boxes are cute and the flavors are savory :

- litchi and rose

- green tea, apple, cinnamon, orange tree

- citronella, soft orange, blueberry

- chocolate, salted butter caramel

These are perfect for your step-mother.

makemybeauty - ren - natura fusion

Would you like to win a facial ? 

This year, we decided to invite you to enter in our privacy, a makeup lesson with us, a yoga class with Valentina and today a facial : with Carole, the founder of the brand Lodesse.

We invite you at Lodesse for an incredible facial, with Carole, the pixie that does miracles. I rarely had the chance to enjoy such a marvelous and effective facial, and God knows I'm a pain in the neck. It is as good as a magical kiss of a prince charming. 

Carole is a wonderful person, benevolent and listening, spend a time with her is a delicious experience. She is also the founder of Lodesse cosmetic line that we already talked about here on our blog, which is a big must-have for us. 

To enter the giveaway, it's simple. You write us a nice thing in the comments section at the end of this post, where you write down your best/worst experience at the beauty salon. 

CONGRATS TO Marie Filleau 

Little important side-note, never confound Carole with a beautician, she is an expert in epidermal, the operation of the skin, the formulation of the products, as Joëlle Ciocco, they're maestros.

And for those who won't get the chance to win, you still can make you offer or offer yourself the self care line, we have a Xmas reduction code for you exclusively : MMB&LODESSE

Lodesse, 4A bis rue Boissy d'Anglas, 75008 Paris. Tel : 00 336 11 11 48 57

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