Here we are already in the Christmas week !

I don't know about you, but we are so excited at the studio and at home, there are sparkles in every corner of the rooms, kids run around all day long... Anyway it is time for Santa Claus to come, cupboards are going to explode !

If you still have gifts to buy, today and tomorrow's wish lists are entirely dedicated to makeup.

Makeup is a gift that makes always extremely happy, and X'mas is the moment to make discover unseen brands and shades, which we don't expect to receive.

Here are gift ideas that we selected so that you can create a nice surprise to a love one, makeup fan or not !



LES YEUX NOIRS (glissé(e)s)LES YEUX NOIRS (glissé(e)s) 1

It's the 1st Louboutin makeup collection dedicated to the eyes, launched last march.

To develop this range, the creator has been inspired by the intense and saturated colors of India, and by the flasks' precious ornements in Egypt.

The product that I fell in love with in this collection is the Traceur Brillant for the eyes, an ultra pigmented ink that takes the eye up with intensity. Two unseen shades, according to me they are very interesting to offer at X'mas if you want to surprise her.

The vibrant red (that I wear in the first picture) and the indian blue.Personally, I'm found of the red and I hope I will find it underneath the X'Mas tree ;)

This two shades can be superb when wore in the lower lash line on top of a smokey eyes.

- The vibrant red Tracer to awaken the blue or green eyes.

-The indian blue Tracer to make brown eyes pop.

And for the more timid ones, there is a classic black.

Other products of the range that we love :

- The Laque amplificateur de cils.. With this object, you won't offer a simple mascara.. Apart from the fact that it makes crazy eye lashes, it's also a real jewelry presented in a lacquered cardboard case that every women dream to have in their bathroom.

It is available in 2 shades, Noire Intense or Amarante Profond.

- The Crayon designer et velours pour les yeux... It's finish is semi-mat and its rich shade in pigments allows us to use it as a kohl, or blending it into a "smokey eyes". Crowned by a gold studded lid, its design is near to the mascara's one, and it could be a very nice complementary gift.

It is available in 5 shades : Noir Intense, Brun chaud, Prune, Bleu Papon and Jaune Chartreuse. This superb Christian Louboutin collection will thrill women that like graphical and sophisticated looks.

List of the stores here.


With Serge Lutens, the makeup decode poetic... We don't talk about a makeup line but about "nécessaire de beauté" which means the "Necessary of Beauty"... We don't say lipstick but lip shadow.

This Necessary of Beauty claims to be classical and timeless. The lacquered black packaging is sober but very luxurious.

We cracked for the dark and singular last collection : the The n°5 eyeshadow palette with the greyish tones, and the n°2 and n°3 lip shadows.

In brief, you understood, it's the kind of gift to offer to a tenebrous and mysterious woman.

Every Serge Lutens' points of sale are here.


In very much less outrageous budget, we completely cracked for the new ARTISTO collection from Zoeva.

The color range is beautiful and warm up the complexions, the packaging is the bomb underneath the X'mas tree, we are fan !!!

Since a lot of time we love their super pigmented eyeshadow and blush palettes, they are versatile and easy to use, even the brush sets are ultra pro !

We are often surprised by the incredible price-quality ratio, it's a brand that keeps its promises and that we can slide into our makeup essential without problem.

A real beauty addict will inevitably want Zoeva in her set !

Products available here.

See you tomorrow for the ultimate wish list before X'mas !

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  1. charlila, le 20 December 2017 à 10h12

    Bonjour Alexandra,
    Merci pour toutes ces idées, toujours originales!
    Pourrais-tu me donner les références du vernis que tu portes sur la 1ère photo stp? Je le trouve vraiment chic et j’en cherche un dans ces tons-là.
    Un grand merci d’avance!

  2. Alexandra B., le 20 December 2017 à 12h00

    Bonjour Charlila
    Merci beaucoup
    Pour le vernis, restez connectée, j’en parle demain sur le blog 😉 (moi aussi je l’adore ce vernis ;))
    A demain!
    Et merci de nous suivre!

  3. Charlila, le 20 December 2017 à 12h06

    Merci beaucoup!
    Vivement demain alors!!!

  4. Bypass Tunisie, le 17 April 2019 à 15h45

    Très jolies, merci pour ces idées.