About us ?

Alexandra Bonelli and Nelly Chatagnon : two Professional Makeup Artists, two passionates and above all, twenty years of beauty expertise when both brought together.
In 2009, Alexandra starts the project “Make My Beauty” : a blog that shares a creative vision of beauty, that reveal the must-haves, that decrypt the trends and that gives wise and professional advices in makeup..
Trough MakeMyBeauty, Alexandra also has the idea to propose a service of Personalized Beauty Sessions to be enhanced or to learn to enhance ourself.
In May 2010, Alexandra and Nelly, already partners in the profession, decide to collaborate to launch MakeMyBeauty together.

alexandra did her background in Paris, New York, and Milan, for a lot of shows and magazines such as Yves Saint Laurent, Céline, Marc Jacobs and Versace or even Vogue, ELLE, Madame Figaro et Cosmopolitan.
Make-up artist that still proceeds today in the Fashion industry, she also does Image Consulting, for either private individuals or for great names in the sector of luxury.
She likes the refinement, the trendy-chic, the pigments and the natural products… She draws her beauty references in the photography universe of Peter Lindbergh, Guy Bourdin and Helmut Newton.
For her, beauty is above all a story of emotion and wellness.

nellu has collaborated with famous makeup artists, hairdressers and photographers.
International Makeup Artist for the australian makeup brand BECCA, she also is Consultant for a trend office and Image Consultant for the LVMH and Verbateam group.
Nomadic, she has lived in London, New York and Monaco, where she has refined her expertise.
Although she has a pronounced taste for off the wall New Romanticism, Nelly claims very eclectics passions as the decoration, flowers, Renaissance’s painters, and…Marie-Antoinette !
Permanently curious, Nelly is a specialist of exceptional adresses and also of niches or emerging beauty brands..

Thanks to their Makeup profession and Image consulting skills,  Alexandra and Nelly are brought to daily test and use different makeup and self care products.
However, they precise to you that MakeMyBeauty has no engagement, neither exclusive agreement with no cosmetics brands…
The posts are only intended for sharing the pleasure of a discovery, the perception about a tested product, the savor-faire of beauty professionals… and that for your satisfaction.
Sharing our world and our vision of beauty, advising you the best but also learning more with your comments, it’s for all these reasons that MakeMybeauty has been created !

site personnel

Emmanuel , former commercial manager for Martine Sitbon then freelance between Paris and New York for Balenciaga… Emmanuel’s professional journey takes essentially place in the Fashion industry and he actually works for a well-known traditional american brand.

Monomaniac of the Khiel’s products, using and abusing of interior candles, bur also passionate of Italy (his roots) and collector of sneakers (more than 90pairs in his closet!).
Of course, cosmetics don’t remain his principle interest, bur taking good care of himself is an evident fact for this hedonist, and he talks about it with verve and humor !

Vanessa, agent of hairdressers, makeup artists and manicurists at Jed Roots at Paris.

Her job makes her a specialist regarding fashion and beauty, but Vanessa is above all a beauty guru and she is completely at ease with it. Addict to cosmetics, crazy of makeup and magazines, she is constantly on the lookout for new things to try out.

Audrey Leroy is an illustrator, graphic designer and photographer living and working in Paris.

Passionate about the feminine press and the creativity field, she graduated of the Beaux-Arts in 2011 with a personal project and an essay dedicated to this subject, with the congratulations of the examiners.

The different personal approaches that she develops will allow her to enrich her pronounced interest for the Graphic Design, the art, the lettering creation, fashion and the photography.

She collaborates today as an Illustrator for the Press (Paulette, Milk, Les Échos, Hachette, Letterpresse de Paris). She joins the team of the magazine Citizen K as a Graphic Designer in 2013, make photographies et visual identities for several brands.

For that matter, she designed the logo plus the corporate identity and style guide of MakeMyBeauty, but also all the illustrations of services that we propose.