Nail inc. London will launch in France

Nail inc. London will launch in France

nail inc - paris

Nail inc. this London based great brand of nail polish will launch in France in April  (Sephora exclusivity) and for the occasion we held a mini shopping of our favorites.

Like any self-respecting British Nail inc. is "slightly" eccentric and very creative, the colors are crazy, the application is very easy, dries quickly and each color is named after a London place.

For most addicts it is possible to customize the bottle via "Couture by nail inc.",.Choosing the design of the cap, the nail polish color and even the gift box to try it, it's here !

A few months ago I wrote a post "Manucure Mania" in which I presented the magnetic polish de nail inc, nail polish formulation forms a pattern with the approach of the magnet hidden in the cap. By the end of the day, I don't like this nail polish with special finish.

Today our selection is fresher, trendy  and so much MakeMyBeauty!

Obsessed with the mustard color  (I already have a bag, shoes and linens), I off course naturally painted the Alexandra pretty nails with fascinating Hampstead.

Beware the color darkens slightly after application, in the photo below, you can observe the same color after few hours, different but pretty  too.

For this second photo, I chosed the colors  Portebello and Jermyn Street  from Neon & Nude mini set (2 from the left of the screen).

MMB loves the two-tone manicure and even better when the roofs of Paris are reflected. For info the neon coral has a more matte finish than taupe three layers were needed for an opaque result.

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  1. Charlie, le 21 March 2012 à 15h23

    C’est très appréciable d’avoir un compte rendu à ce point détaillé sur les produits. Votre blog est une mine d’informations précieuses! Bonne journée

  2. Zazou, le 22 March 2012 à 12h47

    Aaah, Hampstead Gardens, toute une histoire d’amour <3

  3. Geny (alias Marron de, le 23 March 2012 à 12h16

    Ils me font de l’oeil. Bien envie de les tester!
    Ils sont déjà sortis?

  4. Nelly C., le 25 March 2012 à 09h48

    @ Geny en avril

  5. Nelly C., le 25 March 2012 à 09h49

    @Charlie merci pour cs gentils compliments bon week end

  6. Caro de London, le 4 April 2012 à 22h13

    Je rajoute, pour les utiliser depuis un bon moment, qu’ils sont tres resistants.
    Un point en plus 😉

  7. Nelly C., le 5 April 2012 à 11h27

    Merci pour l’info Caro. Tu utilises quelles teintes?
    Bonne journée