Endermolift... Alternative to injection

Endermolift… Alternative to injection

You probably know the famous machine called CELLU M6, or you have at least heard of it ? Well, shortly, Endermolift is somewhat the same principle, but adapted to the face!

Indeed, this new anti -aging technology allows mechanical stimulation of the skin by a combination of mini aspirations & pinching faster or slower  ( depending on the areas to be treated) and which aims to reactivate the natural hyaluronic acid synthesis.

The result, a plumped and strengthened skin with a lifting effect , all without scalpel or injection !

Sessions can treat the whole face  - to refine and strengthen - but also insist on more specific problems around the eyes, wrinkles, small lines (eg, nasolabial folds )

I had the opportunity to test it for 15 minutes and the best surprise was the incredible relaxing effect on even the most sensitive areas such as dark circles , it's very addictive and could easily fall asleep !

The top is that during an hour , the pleasant feeling persists : you are relaxed , like on a cloud and you feel your face smooth and pumped up from the inside like a balloon in which they would have blown !


Here it's my in full levitation .... :

Just this quick little "sample" blew me away and I really believes in that we can get benefits  with regular performances . I have to mention the bonus " immediate pleasure " and relaxation experienced during and after the treatment .

A great alternative to injections : a pleasant and non-intrusive skincare, a more reasonable budget and results!

I confess that I think VERY seriously ...


Where Endermolift practice? The technical information and a list of practitioner on www.lpgsystems.fr

The price ? Varies between addresses -  an average of 2 euros / minute for the care, time to adapt as needed.

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  1. leav, le 26 September 2013 à 10h34

    ah tiens tiens étant kiné nous avons cet appareil pour diminuer les adhérences des cicatrices mais pourquoi pas l’utiliser pour repulper le visage je vais m’y atteler…^^